Old faces, 6 years of WoW

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Zahra was the rogues name Tankz.
Ahhhh, Zahra, yeah that's the name.
Ofcourse IM still here.
I miss you all terribly.
I would just like to take this opportunity to officially apologize to Dragrin for trolling his PvP video thread. Time has shown me that it was uncalled for.
As am i even though i play on Korbendallas now !
lol i just saw a post from Mooooola
01/27/2011 8:15 AMPosted by Tankzforbeer
Cosmo....Cosmo something...dwarf pally...oh how I miss that little turd burglar.


I've been on Garona since the beginning as well, but my original main was Twistedangel (Awen), then came the Burning Crusade (of a guild killer) and I mained my priest Myrial from that day on. Halfway through Wrath I saw the light and went to the dark side and haven't looked back since (Troika <3)!

Random memories I can toss in would be having all the craftable epic cloth armor made by Maple at level 60, Bubba on the IF AH bridge (where'd he go?), and the opening of AQ lag fest (which you can still see a video of on Arteska's youtube!).

-Indie (Twistedangel/Myrial)
02/11/2011 2:24 PMPosted by Raînër
lol i just saw a post from Mooooola
Holy ##!#, Rainer.....
ROFL i was in PR too.....COSMOK was his name tankzforbeer. lol
Anabelllllllllllla, what's up?
A lot of Occam's Razor has been around Garona off and on since day one.
Still here pvping it uppp
I miss you all terribly.

o m g

I will never leave.
All you bastages talking about tarren mill and whatnot, I still remember some of the people that took pvp back then WAy too serious , but most of us had a good time.Even though there was eleventy-billion alliance swarming all over the flight master.

And yeah , never left never will. Plus the grass is always greener until you step in the dog poo when you get there.

More old-timers respond pls.

02/21/2011 10:33 AMPosted by Clem
I will never leave.
I tried to give you a hug in Tol Barad but you died too fast :(
Hey rainer long time to see. Anyway people that still play but havent posted yet or they are on other server and dont care about the damn forums. Deathb, Shugo, Ooscarface, and a few others I cant think of right now. But all old school.
Ravoss, Geadum, Moola, Frax, Rainer...these are the only names I remember from Vanilla...
02/25/2011 5:10 PMPosted by Emmadnav
I will never leave.
I tried to give you a hug in Tol Barad but you died too fast :(

Story of my life right there. I always try to sap you first though :)

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