Old faces, 6 years of WoW

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06/05/2011 03:57 AMPosted by Geadum

Does deathb still play?

As soon as you said "deathb", a vision popped into my head of vanilla WoW when a whole Horde raid would attack Astranaar and I'd be one of the many Alliance defending it. Deathb was one of the Horde attacking Astranaar that day. That must've been during the year 2005 or 2006.

Those were the days... when Horde would actually attack Astranaar and lots of Alliance cared about defending it. That came second only to Southshore vs Tarren Mill.



What does that mean in this context?
How can you talk about Vanilla without mentioning Goldie sitting in the Ironforge Bank or Nocturnis walking around in his Might gear all roided out on Winterfall Firewater lmao...

Good times indeed! Shout out to Morsexier, Clem, et. al. that raided with us in Lunaris or in our arch-rivals with Empire.

Much Love,


What does that mean in this context?

Deathb was more than just a mage. He was also the creator of the "most versatile" warrior spec ever to have existed.

He was also the creator of the "most versatile" warrior spec ever to have existed.

this is an understatement

Oh the nostalgia... I've been on garona since the first december...

So.. who remembers zariel?
Ah I miss Lunaris.. I recently just encountered a Guild Leader who was a bigger hardass than Sinzar.

And it was Zarel --- Suz.
Kaja, is that really you? Where have you been? Wishing the best to all the ol' timers.

Zarel best warlock/businessman/entrepreneur/poster IMO
Saha... tis indeed the Kaja of long ago. Guess I should level this druid eh?
Was on Garona at the end of Vanilla and BC. Was wondering if anyone from HBH/Aspect still plays. We were a morning raid guild Horde side. Back then I played a rogue named Lulamdar.

*Names I remember are Coreman, Bladehate, Stoneflux, Ocihc, Bgizle, Hotdogcart, Fuel
*I'm still here!*

This is Reaperhaze/ Smokeybandit if any1 remembers him =)
I just came back =P played since launch was part of Aftermath then peaced out to bealgun cus we had logon queues

somehow ive returned to this server =((((((( and terrible battlegroup

original name - Vanish (yes i was a mage)
There's a lot of familiar names in this thread.

Also, Hey Kaja, Anabella, and Vanish!
Reporting in...
I was on here about Jan of 05 and remember getting into Alliance of Exile cause of Silverghost. So long ago :(


Also, for former Zug Zug and CP members, here's a where's waldo for you!
Old nerds.
LOL coming from Speak, That must hurt xP

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