Bounce achievements bug

Bug Report
stay on the trampoline in the whistling grove in mount hayjal for 20 consecutive bonces but i cant ever get pass 1... plz fix it
Bad aim maybe? I've gotten it already just took careful aim and a little practice. They can't make it too easy, after all it is an achievement.
From what I've read you cannot obtain this achievement once you have completed the zone. Due to phasing when you get bounced up it phases you out and resets the counter.
i am in the second phase and can not get past one bounce as well. please fix this.
bugged for me, completed the zone
got it on my alt before zone completed
i know ur aware of this, just putting in a report
I've also completed the zone entirely and this is bugged for me as well.
Completed Zone, can't complete achievement. Have done achievement on 2 alts that go it before completeing the bear quest.
still bugged for phased players on january 13
Would like to see a fix for this in the next hotfix or, at least, in the next minor patch. Thanks.
Still bugged, counter wont go past 1, need fixing

Completed all quests in zone.
I doubt they plan on doing anything with this quest any time soon since it is not required for any meta as far as I know :p. I got it done on my shadow priest, but then he hadn't finished the zone yet.
still bugged --- would like achievment :)
Still bugged and i did all the quests in that area...logged onto another toon that hadnt completed the area and got the achievement no problem :(

seems to be bugged for me as well I completed all quests in the zone.
Hrm, bugged for me too.
bugged here too. in game ticket response said i was wrong.
Bugged here, completed all quests
tried this just now, right after i finished all the quests in hyjal, cant get past 1 bounce, please fix!
This achievement is bugged for anyone who didn't do it BEFORE completing the quest line that phases the area where the trampoline is. It is very aggrivating for those of us that have this problem. PLEASE FIX IT!!

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