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Like the topc says, what are some of the funniest and most clever character names you have seen or have yourself.

#1. Troll hunter - Jamrock
#2. Goblin Mage - Gobiligoop
#3. Orc Shaman - Cromagnon
I thought this one was kind of funny.
Me? :3


(my alts on durotan)
not the most original, but I do like mine lol
I'm fond of my fire mage here.
I just found this one funny, Tigolbittyys. (YourFavoriteMartion)
I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty awesome.

Any Cow ref to Tauren makes me laugh.
I have a gnome named Cogswurth and I have a friend with a shammy named Elementmaster
I always click on these threads hoping for a laugh, but it always just devolves into a bunch of people pointing out their own unfunny/uncreative names.

To contribute, a healer named Drhealgood. A worgen rogue named Subwoofer.

I've also seen someone dress up to look like some other NPCs in the area as best he could. His name was Vendor.
I debated between a girl with Udders or a boy Bull. Then I decided to spin Adorkable to Uddorkabull for the best of both worlds :)
What about me?
Draenei named Pilot with his city's title from the Argent Tournament.
This and my alt, Lolitrollyou.
My dk is Lolololort
Do I get a cookie?
"Hey, what happened to that guy, he just got wrecked!"

"Well, you see, he got.."

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