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Thinking about creating a Goblin Warrior, any ideas for names?
Clearly the best male Goblin name is Quark. Too bad it's probably taken, so I used a name generator for you:

Your random Ferengi name is Gint.
It was randomly selected from a current list of 58 Ferengi names.
01/14/2011 3:35 AMPosted by Cindyanne
Until now I never thought of using Ferengi names for goblins.


I give my goblins mechanical/technological sounding names. My shaman is Cathode, and I have a warrior named Torsion.
That's why Quark is such a great name. Ferengi AND science!
When I messed around with a goblin to just see what the starting areas were like I found the random name generator gave some rather fun names.
01/14/2011 3:49 AMPosted by Sâtira

Love your name...

I think that would be a fitting name for a goblinwarrior violentsnot....hehe makes me laugh.
Learn to think for yourself and exercise your creativity.
Hehe was gonna go gobba, but then thought of this name so now I have an alliance char.
mr. pickles... of death.

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