Clearly Feral was OP (numbers)

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01/18/2011 7:46 AMPosted by Lowercase

yep. doesnt work on people who got butthurt by ferals in duels/world pvp

You have a point here. What is happening is what happened in Burning Crusade except a bit later. People complain like mad to Blizzard that they are being ganked in 1v1 encounters and Blizzard nerfs feral into being barely viable in a few specific comps.

Personaly I think increased survival and class bufs (such as priest) takes care of the feral issue all by itself, perhaps more than is needed in arena.

01/18/2011 7:19 AMPosted by Lowercase
people saying feral need nerfs because they are too OP in 2v2 and duels is rediculous.

maybe in duels. maybe. look at other classes too though.

and in 2v2. they are definitely behind locks, mages, rogues, warrs and dk's. why? because they dont have the tools to completely lock down the other team or go immune and reset fights.

the berserk and root nerf is going to be so game breaking for ferals in duels and 2v2 that they might as well not even bother.

and even then, the game is supposedly balanced around 3v3.

and speaking of 3v3. i think its obvious by looking at the numbers to see that ferals are atleast balanced and maybe even sub par. and with these upcoming nerfs the numbers will drop even more.
01/17/2011 1:05 AMPosted by Syronas
And even if that's true, you're posting battlegroup specific, not overall, so you'd need to post for every realm within that group, or overall per battlegroup if that's attainable.

And even if THAT'S still correct, the point I'm trying to make is you can't just judge OH there's a bunch of classes above 1800, they must be OP, or vice-versa...

You're not taking into account the skill of each player (how to tell if their class is OP, or if they're just good), or even the amount of people who actually PVP.

Rogues are often seen as a pvp-class, and many people roll them for this sole purpose. I'd argue that more rogues play rogues for pvp than druids play druids for pvp, so exactly what % of the druid population pvps?
Ah, so Rogues are represented because they are better players? not the class? ok
I find the OP stats lies! No way is there 5 hunters in arenas.

4 arenas played, 0 wins.
< 30k HKs, BG played the most? AV.

I do find it funny how so many worry about what rating we personally have. You do realize that some people can think (coaches, trainers, poloitical leaders, etc.) without having the reflex to be top notch. The fact is I'm nearing 50 and can't compete at high ratings any longer, whereas I have been top rank in a number of games when I was younger. Keep in mind that people can still sometimes "think" even if they don't have the reflexes to be on the top.

I think you miss the point that its the top end players who are failing wiith feral :)

Argue as you like though. The numbers don't lie.

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