Clearly Feral was OP (numbers)

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01/18/2011 8:16 AMPosted by Velanis


That's great, everyone can toss out theories. But until you're playing a high end Feral ( which none of the people posting have even touched 2k, which isn't near high end ) you're obviously not playing the class to its full potential. You're playing it to your potential. But don't try and make it seem like the entire class is screwed because you don't excel at adapting.

Ferals aren't overpowered at 3v3. Ferals are overpowered at 1v1, and amazing at 2v2. Ferals are also better at 3v3 than ever before.

The spec is still not actually that strong against good players playing good comps at 3v3 right now. This is why you see even people who have played the spec forever, playing the best comps available right now, not dominating battlegroups at all or anything even remotely like it. For example, rogues are still stronger in a tangible sense at 3v3 for synergistic, utility and survivability reasons.

If you don't agree with this assessment, it's honestly probably because you don't understand how feral druids work well enough, and how to properly play against them, or you're just playing against hard matchups for your specific comps.
Feral wasn't as bad as people are claiming, but for pete's sake please don't compare them to current subtlety rogues with absolutely no damage output. Assassination is great but doesn't have the mobility of a feral druid or sub spec and is one of the easiest melee classes in the game to kite.
Honestly, Feral is OP. Before all you FotM feral rerolls pounce on me for saying this, let me just explain my point:

First off, I'm a boomkin, one of the worst/least represented specs in the game. So you can't talk s**t about having it "hard" in the past or present, got it? Good.

Second, I've been doin' arenas at ~2100-2200 mmr currently. Every now and then, we face a feral healer team. Sometimes, we get rick-rolled and the feral was clearly very skilled. Other times, I'll cast like 30 hibernates and the feral will eat all 30 like a complete moron. It'll take him 3 seconds to shift out of roots. He'll skull bash every single one of my juked casts over and over like a complete nub. I'll stand on the edge and typhoon him off it more than once, as if he didn't learn the first time or didn't at least save feral charge for it. And then after all is said and done, we still sometimes lose and find out that the horrible feral is at like 2200 mmr.

A complete moron can roll Feral Healer in 2's and hit 2200. You can't really argue against this. It's that simple. I can respec feral, keyboard turn like a panzy, spam mangle instead of shred, throw a rake/rip every now and then, trinket roots, it doesn't matter, I bet I'll still be 2k mmr at the very least.

It's just currently not hard to play Feral. And then, in a skilled player's hands, Feral is just retarded with its powershifting, +40% natural run speed, insta-cyclones, redonculous bleed AND burst damage, etc. 'Nuff said. If you guys are feral and stuck in the 1800 definitely need to consider rerolling a warlock or something, cause you're doing something wrong. Try putting cyclone on your bars or something, I dunno.

Sorry for offending you guys if I did. <3

PS: And then to top it all off, we BOOMKINS have to eat your gosh darn nerfbats too. As if I didn't have enough problems with survivability. You guys complain about frost mages being even harder now? Ditch that healer of yours for someone who knows how to dispel properly, jesus.
Hardly any blue feedback as well.

This is their stance, they're not not changing their minds no matter what numbers we throw at 'em. I'm sad about my class losing it's main characteristic unchanged since the beginning ~ Mobility - Might as well take blink away from mages. Seems like an equally ridiculous nerf.

Muffles, much as I feel your pain as someone that stubbornly stuck with Balance PVP until this patch, you're talking about 2s. It's been made clear by both the players and Blizzard in the past that it's unrealistic and not even really ideal to balance PVP with 2v2 as a major consideration.

Hardly any blue feedback as well.

This is their stance, they're not not changing their minds no matter what numbers we throw at 'em

Easy there tiger. This change isn't even live on the PTR yet is it? And going off Zarhym's last post they've been on their weekend the past couple days.
This thread is epic.

Would that the designers followed real data and some time real experience instead of QQ of the moment.

Sadly one of the reasons feral attracted so much QQ is because it had done so poorly before and there was an element of "OMG I didn't kill the feral druid like usual" shock so to the forums they went.
01/18/2011 11:11 PMPosted by Kiwdáhc
If you guys are denying the fact that ferals are OP then you are simply bad players and have no judgement. I also agree resto shamans, Locks, Mages are OP aswell.

Any particular reason your assertion would carry more weight than the actual, measurable performance of feral in top arena competition? Or are you just talking?
I don't play affliction.

One spec of one class, stop QQing.

We're hardly up there at all.
why are the resto shaman numbers high
01/17/2011 6:33 PMPosted by Megaladon
Wait, what the hell. There are three MOONKINS on that list. Those brave, noble souls. How are they doing it?

I'm more worried about that one Elemental shaman...poor bastard must be a window licker if he's PvPing as Ele voluntarily.

I lol'd. :D

I also like the hunter that pointed out that since feral druids are right next to hunters on the list that no doubt Blizzard is targeting hunter PVP next with it's wrecking ball.
01/20/2011 2:45 PMPosted by Whalerus
One spec of one class, stop QQing.

We're hardly up there at all.

Actually you should be supporting this kind of feedback.

If Blizzard actually starts buffing and nerfing according to numbers in representation it will finally be sunshine for hunters.

As it is now they are just as likely to nerf hunters again... look you are right next to feral druids isn't hat reason enough?

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