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My question is this to those that are upset you can't get Exalted with the guild quickly. What are you currently missing out on that you would otherwise have if you had the rep?

I know the other NPC faction provide epic gear and needed items for raiding and game play but what in the guild rewards that needs more than honored are you upset you can't have?
I feel that guild rep and how its obtained is important. I'm glad its implimented.

Touching on what someone said that the guild master should be exalted... seems a little much. HOWEVER.. It makes sense to me that the guild /creator/ (and or co-founders) possible got a boost to "Friendly" or somthing of that manor.

The reason i dont feel the Master alone should get it.. is because anyone could be promoted to master and could be tampered with.
01/21/2011 12:36 PMPosted by Sváfa
My question is this to those that are upset you can't get Exalted with the guild quickly. What are you currently missing out on that you would otherwise have if you had the rep?

I know the other NPC faction provide epic gear and and needed items for raiding and game play but what in the guild rewards that needs more than honored are you upset you can't have?
Getting to Honoured for some is a tedious and long journey that may take a year or more. For those whom quests only give 1 rep each, it's going to take over 9,000 quests just to get to Honoured.

But that still doesn't answer the question of what item are you missing that you would like Blizzard to give you sooner?
here is my thing idk if it has been said or not but as far as ive seen you get like 87 rep per boss kill in a 5 man heroic, while in a 10 man raid you get 60 some i think thats just a bit silly.

also i dont see why if you say have all your reps done for cata and such doing a heroic with your guild tabard on couldnt per say give you an extra 20 rep per boss kill or like 1 rep per trash kill, just something to help it along a bit if you dont wanna daily grind and just do your 1 5 man a day.

i look forward to seeing how they will let you earn rep via pvp if its qing randoms with 4/5 people or just getting kills with your guild banner down i think things like that could be cool
01/21/2011 11:11 AMPosted by Bashiok
I talked with the designers late last night and early this morning on the rep system. There are some improvements being discussed but any changes made would at the earliest, be seen in the first major content patch, if not after. For that reason they aren't changes we're willing to yet discuss as they haven't been implemented, but there is some agreement that additional ways to earn rep, as well as help for PvP'ers and PvP guilds is in order.

Future improvements aside, one basic point we kept coming back to while discussing it was the nature of the system, and the intent and vision for how it should be a part of someone's play time when they log in. First and foremost it is not a system we want to encourage people to grind out by making certain activities either give rep, or give more of it. We realize that this is contrary to what is possible for most NPC rep factions, but this isn't an NPC rep, and it's deliberately different. Secondly, and most importantly, we are ok with this continuing to be a very slow moving rep that you can't quickly progress. These are bonuses, and not requirements to ensure a fun or properly progressing gameplay experience. The gain of guild rep is something that is intended to happen slowly over time, and not something you can focus your efforts on to push toward the cap as quick as possible. Obviously there are ways to make it quicker, and actions you can take to try to build it up, but as many of you are aware they still aren't always extremely lucrative. This is intentional.

To reiterate my first paragraph, we do have some improvements planned in the way of adding or improving the way rep is gained in certain situations. We do not however feel the system is performing beneath or beyond the intent and design, and are mostly happy with the rate in which it's being gained. Slowly but surely.

good to hear of better ways being planed on getting guild rep,
i was one who build my rep up in a guild only to get booted after i hit 85, since i was of no use to the GM in acquiring guild exp for the guild perks, and having to find that getting rep in a new guild kinda hard for a casual guild not even running heroics.

Anyways can we finally say that this thread gets a lock and put to sleep
I'm fine with a guild rep/guild experience cap, but not the way it is currently implemented.

I'd much prefer for the cap to go up with time, but not have a limiting amount you can get each day. Meaning the overall cap could go up every day, but there would be no limit to the rep you can grind each day, besides the overall cap.

What that would mean is if I joined a guild on day 1, and got max rep every day, it'd work like it does now. However if I joined that guild say 7 days into the xpac I could get as much rep as I want everyday until I reach the cap. Or if I had say work during the week, I could get less then the cap each day, but then grind to reach it over the weekend.

Again I am fine with the cap, I just do not like to be penalized (at least as much so as we are currently) for not hitting the cap each day, or for changing our minds on what guild to be in.
The biggest issue comes when someone hits 85, runs out of level appropriate quests and hits a wall where rep gain isn't just slowed, but all but stopped.

The second biggest issue is activities of benefit to the guild do nothing, while solo work on dailies does something.

My suggestion is to dump the reputation system altogether, and instead tie everything into the guild leveling system. The guild leveling system is already artificially gated and slow enough that it should accomplish whatever odd purpose having super-slow reputation gains was supposed to accomplish.

It isn't enough to "fix" the problem. You, as designers, need to understand WHY players hate the current system. When players hate something they WILL speak about it. When something has no value because it isn't fun, it means that a flaw exists in the item or system.

Players hate being artificially prevented from doing ANYTHING. Give us a good reason and a good system and we will back it 100% (well, 98.5% at least), but the moment you say you want a system to be insanely, mind-numblingly, incomprehensibly slow without one iota of supporting evidence of WHY it has to be that way, you will see a community fight back.

The simple truth becomes the system is the way it is because the developers want it that way, not because there is any definable reason for it being that way.

You will not get any player to support THAT. Especially when the entire reason behind the system (Guilds) has very little to do with the act of gaining reputation in support of that reason.

So while you folks at the design level are talking back and forth about the issue, how about cluing the rest of us in on the WHY behind having reputation gain kept artificially slow when the guild level itself is already artificially slow?
I'd just like to see rep given for doing stuff that contributes to the guild outside of guild XP, like putting useful items in the guild bank. That might be a bit complicated to code, though :(
It should at least be account based.
One thing I noticed is that guild rep seems so random.

Level 83 dailies give about 25 rep per
Level 85 dailies give 41 rep per (with perk)
Heroics give like 65 per boss kill (i thini), but you can get that 60 3-4 times per kill for no real reason. So 65-260 per heroic boss.
Raids give it at the same rate as heroics it seems. We got 65 from chimearon (i think) last night, but have gotten up to 350 for a defense system kill.

Personally I think the game needs to do a better job communicating how much guild rep you get for doing each thing since it feels like there is a bug there, but I can't say for sure. Rep from heroic bosses seems all over the place tho.

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