Guild Rep is 100% Stupid.

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we should get rep once a day just for logging on.

im leveling a new alt, post-cataclysm, with questing, dungeons and pvp. im level 66 now and im halfway through neutral.

so EVERYTHING ive done has been completely worthless? id agree that in the context of a guild, nothing ive done has really helped the guild out........ id agree with that, if my 85 in the same guild hadnt hit revered by doing a bunch of useless to the guild dailies and quests.

THIS GAME IS NOT ALL ABOUT 85. THERE ARE 84 OTHER LEVELS OF CONTENT. 10 TIERS OF RAID GEAR, 8 SEASONS OF ARENA GEAR, 75 NON 85 ZONES. if this game is ALL about 85 and NOTHING ELSE, then get rid of leveling. let me roll a new toon at 85 if leveling is so pointless and useless that you cant even give me guild rep for it.

the BEST part about my new alts atrocious guild rep is that im planning to lock her at 70 to do pvp and raiding at that level, so ill NEVER, EVER, EVER get any rep. if im lucky i might get to friendly in a year or so. gg.
<,,,,and once again BLIZZARD doesn't LISTEN to what the people want.
01/20/2011 3:32 PMPosted by Glenlochy

Are you dense? I can't group with guildies for heroics or raids. I am the only one in my guild. And I'm not finding another guild because I don't want to be forced into playing a single character for the rest of the expansion. Maybe you are happy playing one toon every single raid. I'm not. I'd like to be able to choose which of my characters I play, not leave that choice up to someone else.

No, I'm not.

I understand clearly what you are doing. And your problem is that you're playing a social game, "anti-socially."

All guilds are basically factions, so if you want rep with a certain guild, you need to "grind rep" with that "faction."

Complete agreement, you can't expect much if you are the only one in a guild.
Play with any character you want with other people , you don't have to let them tell you what to play. A good social, relaxed guild would be best. Good luck to you Twix.
01/20/2011 3:10 PMPosted by Rilgon
And, as you said, the experience bar has moved. You do have the ability to level it up, although it will be slower. Much, much slower.
You're actually defending the !%%#ed up guild experience system.

Jesus christ.

It's a guild bank alt, of course he's gonna say that. Because OP isn't actually putting time into it, it ain't gonna move much... at all..... if ever.
01/17/2011 12:21 PMPosted by Bashiok

how do random dailies or fishing quests have anything to do with guild interaction?

Maybe not a whole lot directly (although there are a ton of indirect benefits), but it is a way for the super low pop guilds or very inactive guilds, and their members, to rep up. Say your guild has 10 people and of those 10 people a couple log in maybe once a week, we want there to be some way that you'll eventually level your guild, and in addition, be able to rep up and purchase rewards. It's going to be slower, for sure, but it's there.

So random dailes and fishing quests contribute to guild xp, but doing guild achievements don't? Something you do alone contributes to guild xp, but something you do as a guild doesn't?

So they leave, and lose the perks. Problem solved lol. What's your next rebuttal?

That would cause a whole host of other issues, and when someone legitimately works up their rep with a guild we feel that them keeping the reward is only right.

Punishing the majority who work to earn their rewards is not a solution.

On this note, I also don't like the idea of losing guild rep when you leave a guild. If someone leaves a guild, joins another, and then comes back, they should keep the rep with the original guild, not have to start over again. After all, they legitimately worked up their rep with the guild.

It is up to the guild to decide whether or not they want the person back in their guild. We've had people leave and come back for various reasons. It didn't diminsh them in our eyes because they tried something different, it shouldn't diminish them in game for trying something different.

Guild rep is shown the same way as faction rep, why can't a player have rep with more than one guild.

We are ok with this continuing to be a very slow moving rep that you can't quickly progress. These are bonuses, and not requirements to ensure a fun or properly progressing gameplay experience. The gain of guild rep is something that is intended to happen slowly over time, and not something you can focus your efforts on to push toward the cap as quick as possible. Obviously there are ways to make it quicker, and actions you can take to try to build it up, but as many of you are aware they still aren't always extremely lucrative. This is intentional.

I can understand this, I can ever understand a cap, but currently it is way too slow. I am exalted with all the new factions, and hardly into revered with my guild. To be honest, I don't even feel I did a "grind" to become exalted with those factions, it just happened in my normal course of play.

This is what is wrong with guild rep. It's like the old vanilla wintersabre rep grind. All it does is aggravate you when you log in and look at the bar that barely moves.
It seems that nobody cares about the socialization or sense of friendship I loved about guilds. All I see in trade is people looking for "Level 10 or higher guilds," and care little about the quality of the people in it, just the perks and trivial junk you get from it.

I help run a little friendly PvP guild that runs people through BGs and Arena in all brackets as well as help lowbies gear in dungeons and when people ask about us they immediately turned off by the fact we are level one. Honestly I don't see the importance of guild levels.
Guild rep isn't 100% stupid. Its 45% at best.
The reason I feel that time spent in a guild should be relevant, no matter what your activities you engage in, are as follows:

1. People need to farm mats and level professions and this is time consuming. If I ran a dungeon every time a guildie was looking for a group I would never get anything done! Professions are not completely personal - you guild is going to thank you for the flasks you donate or have available to whoever forgot or ran out during a raid, they are going to be grateful that there is someone there to achieve the "Mix Master" achievement and to subsequently unlock recipes and guild cauldrons and the like.

2. My personal expertise. I'm no expert, but I've been around the block. I have 3 85's, an 80, and I've played every class up to level 50. I read the forums, I do research, and I am not one of those people that respond to questions with "L2Pnub". I explain rotations, I explain stats, I explain gear and will look up things to help a guildie. I invest in the other players and help them to become better, more well rounded players - just as they do with me. Surely this community atmosphere applies to the theme this new Guild Overhaul was trying to achieve?

3. Maybe my guild is not the best out there. Maybe running with certain players is just painful. In that case, being that I want to grind guild experience, I had better abandon ship and find a more productive guild so I can do more with my time and grind the rep that much faster. I thought guild hopping was something this new system was trying to discourage?

Just a few points of interest.

I play 2 characters and after few weeks of 30+ dailies a day for 5 days a week, I am sick and tired of guild rep. I am still honored on both of my characters and I give up doing anymore dailies.
A few changes are being made in 4.0.6 that directly affect rep gains which sort of shifts what this thread meant a few weeks ago.

If you want to continue a discussion on specific areas of this topic please be aware of the changes, and please ensure that you aren't creating multiple threads on the same subject.


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