Best Rogue Names

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Me =)

~ Sergeant Major Shaylinn
Like any other thread asking for Rogue names, the majority of names suggested are kinda lame. Your best bet is to look names of well known assassins, ninjas, etc. They could be people who lived in the past, or characters in books, comics, video games, tv shows, etc.

Your next best bet is take into consideration the race you choose for your rogue. For example, you can't go wrong using beard, beer, booze or drunk/drunkenness in the name of your rogue if you roll as a male dwarf.

Too bad I just checked and there are 31 chars with the same name =/. I must have been the latest to create.

In vanilla I knew a guy named Bruceleet, and that would have to be my 2nd fav.
Welcome to the JUNGLE!!!!
A gnome named "little pokey" or "Sargent stab"=100% win

There are only so many creative puns, word plays, and shout outs to be done for a rogue.

Name it Priest.

your welcome OP
Everyone in here likes thier own name, shocker.
i drew on some punk references when i first decided upon an online alias back in 2k3... been using that eversince.

if you don't get it then well, you just failed to see the irony in it.
08/15/2011 02:57 AMPosted by Trollololer
Also, coming here to complain that this forum is lame is like going to Africa and saying, "Damn, someone should feed this people"

lolol, some one is a Protroll.

At any rate im going to state the obvious, Afker is the best one fo' sho'
08/29/2011 05:11 PMPosted by Suicides
Everyone in here likes thier own name, shocker.

Yeah, just like every other time any "favorite <insert class> name" threads have come up. What cracks me up is how many people point out their own name despite it being absolutely retarded.

So far on this page alone you have Stealthyfail, Separator, Spymaster, Gigglestab and Udeadbro (anyone with anything bro in their name should be banned). Apparently combining two random (or in Udeadbro's case, three misspelled) words makes you good at naming!

Edit: Afker posted before I did, add that to this crap list.
Edit Edit: Dreamscythe right after - maybe the worst one so far other than Udeadbro.

I did think Axelrogues and Sapncrunch were at least somewhat clever and unusual.
I have ethereal I'm waiting to name change to :x Reminds me of diablo 2, invis and do more damage, :P
armony-harmony y cause after death theres peace ^^
01/17/2011 05:57 AMPosted by Infinite

what does being a rogue have anything to do with hindus?


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