Developers Intend to Scale CS/SS With Haste!

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The patch isn't finished. Our intent is to bring Survival DPS down to the level of some of the other dps specs while making Marks and BM more attractive in PvE.


Second, we made Steady Shot scale with haste, which will let hunters get more attacks in overall and have more focus with which to do so. These changes would have been a net buff for Survival without additional nerfs to compensate.

We also changed Cobra Shot and the warrior ability Slam to scale with haste. This does not mean all physical cast-time abilities will automatically scale with haste though.

Now, reading this, you're probably all thinking... "But, Odinson, Steady Shot and Cobra Shot are already affected by haste. We already lower our casting time with haste deliberately to fit in ES/AS on optimal rotations..."

Oh, I know. But the developers don't know.

The developers. Don't know. That our shots. Already scale. From haste.

Ya... bump this one.
They should make AP a derivative AGI.

>.> <.< >.>
Maybe they don't "scale" per-say? Maybe they are currently effected by overall cast-time reduction? Maybe they will scale... better? Who the hell knows, but it's scary to read this.

* Hey Odïnson, you might want to post this on the PTR board. Could be a bug?
01/11/2011 2:54 PMPosted by Odïnson

01/11/2011 4:26 PMPosted by Trický
I am hoping there is some secrete scaling in this, and we just dont know.

Maybe we get double scaling off haste now O0

The fact that they have usually said something along the lines of "oh, and cobra will scale with haste like Slam now does", makes me think you're being awfully optimistic about the developers having any clue as to how this class works.

The joke being that Slam didn't scale with haste and now does, while Cobra already does scale with haste and now continues to do so.

Oh man. This is great. Focus issues ---> resolved
01/11/2011 4:32 PMPosted by Raygun
I have to say, this is pretty pathetic...but not surprising.

Blizzard, here are my terms. 50k a year hours 8 am to 5 pm, 8k sign on bonus, company paid Windows Phone 7, 2 weeks vacation starting day 1.

My salary will pay for itself with the number of subs I retain or gain through proper class balance in pvp and pve.

I am too busy to waste time with all that resume jibber jab, you have my info. Contact me as a blue in game to give me your number, and I will call. I can start on Thursday.

If they hire you (or someone like you) then I think its time for me to find a new game to play. Tetris would probably end up better.

Also, 50K a year???? I'd expect at least double that for that job.
I read that, and honestly did not know what to say. If they pay that little attention to Hunter mechanics... makes you wanna give up, you know?
I really want them to comment on this, its too funny. Friggin' pathetic.
I was actually hoping that what they meant by scaling was that it'd give more focus based on your haste rating or something similar. They couldn't possibly not know that Cobra/Steady shot cast time was already reduced by haste. Then I saw the latest patch notes......

Guess that's what I get for hoping.
Haste will fix it!

See above. This is absolutely insane that the people designing our class won't even acknowledge this is the case. It's such a basic thing to even test to prove. I'm only wearing a bow just so that it'll display a cast time on the spell.
I posted about this on the Public Test Realm forum, but I'll bring it over here as well for visibility. The wording in the patch notes is our fault. We have heard of this elusive hunter class before and even kind of know how it works. :p

We made a code change to alter the way haste works for hunters. It should now be a much more favorable stat. We're looking to provide more technical details to explain these changes soon.

I'll concede that the patch notes don't accurately describe this behavior. It's not as simple as adding haste to two abilities that didn't previously have it (because that's not exactly correct). We'll work on the wording for the next update to the notes.

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