WrA Ventrilo Server - just been renewed 13Jan

Wyrmrest Accord
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A long time ago on a server far far away, there was once a public Ventrilo server where players from all over the realm could meet and converse and talk and roleplay and... well, whatever really!

Well my friends on Wyrmrest, I love you guys so much I wanted to give something back, and so, I present to you, your very own Ventrilo Server.

Name: Wyrmrest Accord
Host: oxygen.typefrag.com
Port: 7939

Use it wisely :)

PS: The lobby is silent, make sure you change channels to speak
The server can currently handle 35 people. If the demand is there, I'm happy to increase it.

New-to-Vent set up instructions:

Make sure you have the right sound device selected.
Try this:
~ Log in to vent.
~ Click the setup button.
~ On the left-hand-side make sure you have Enable outgoing voice communications ticked.
~ Make sure you are using the Speex codec at 32/16/10
~ On the right-hand-side make sure you tick Use Direct Sound for both the input and output device.
~ Make sure the device you have picked for both input and output is your headset.
(mine says "Speakers (Logitech USB Headset)".)
~ Click OK
~ Make sure at bottom of the main screen you haven't accidentally clicked Mute Sound.
~ Make sure you haven't accidentally muted your mic from the headset itself.
Ohhh nifty. Does this mean I can yell at Huatar from afar? I very much like these possibilities *ebil grin*
Awww! Thank you kindly! When I'm not in my guild's vent, I'll have to come chat with you! <3
Oh Huey, this does not bode well for you >:3





/joins vent
I'll be there! :D As soon as my laptop starts working correctly again. >_>;;;
We need moar people in the vent. MOAR.
As soon as I get a stable connection again, I'll be joining you on vent!

...I can't even play right now.

Could have sworn I've seen threads similar to this in the past.

Some random public vent for WrA was the first.

Then Silvermoon Academy's vent was the second.

Now this one. Interesting.
Well, I did search the forums to see if anything like this existed and couldn't find anything.

Oh well, now you do :)
just a bump for a reminder :)
Great to see the server getting used.
It's paid up for a year guys, so feel free - it ain't goin' anywhere :)

/reminder bump
I've saved this to my list of servers to connect to. I'll pop on during prime time or off hours to see if there's anyone there! Either way, I'll come say hello. :)
Mayhaps I'll go drop in... Hrmmmmm.
Used it last to night talk to an old friend I have not seen in ages! Thanks so much for putting this vent up for us to all use! If anyone pops on and see's Gribz and I chatting away, feel free to pop down and say hello! We're pretty friendly and usually don't bite.
If you've no other Vent to be on - for raids etc, just go sit in the channel.
You never know who you might meet!

Some of my closest wow (and IRL) friends were made this way on my old server.

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