[H- 1/13 Heroic] Undone LF Solid DPS Shaman

Undone was created by a small group of Veteran Raiders that had similar ideas about raiding and progression. The Officer core has played together for 3 years, so our leadership is strong and stable. We are looking to solidify our roster for BWD, Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the Winds. Currently we are ranked in the Top Ten of server 10 man guilds.
What we are looking for

We are looking for players who know their class, have good raid attendance, and have a good attitude. We do not tolerate drama, and we expect all members to treat each other with a level of professional respect. We love to have fun, joke around and have a good time, but douchebags are not tolerated. We care about progression, and intend to be on the forefront of achievements and progression in Cataclysm.


Our Officers have seen all levels of content this game has to offer, including full Naxx clears in Vanilla, full Sunwell clears in BC, full clears in ToGC, (Mad Skill 25 man, Insanity 10 man) and Full clears in ICC. (12/12 Heroic) We have a lot of knowledge about the game and have a lot to offer those who join. Here is a list of accomplishments we have achieved.


Blackwing Decent- 6/6

Bastion of Twilight- 4/4

Throne of the Four Winds- 2/2


Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10)

Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10)

Tribute to Insanity (10)

12/12 ICC (10) Normal

12/12 ICC (10) Heroic

Our current raid schedule is Wed/Thursday/Sunday/Monday 7-10 PM PST. 75% Raid Attendance is required.

If you are an exceptional player and we aren't currently recruiting your class, apply anyway, as we are always looking for solid players.

Currently Recruiting

1 Ele/Enhance Shaman


All interested Applicants should visit our website and apply on the forums, or talk to Darkdevoid or Bagger in game.
Updated kills/needs
Still looking for a few more solid players.
Disc/Holy Priest and we are set.
Cho'gall down.
Chimaeron and Al'Akir Down. On to Nef and Heroics.

WTB DI. Come on Afflic locks
Still need an Afflic.
Looking for Solid Holy Pally
Ele or Enhance, looking for you.

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