What's some good Paladin music?

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Any epic metal band

I prefer blind guardian :)
I think this is a great one.


Why did you necro this after 2 years?

I don't look at the dates of every post. Does it really matter if I posted to a 2 year old topic? I don't think so. Not this one anyway.
When I'm ret I like to listen to this:
ISIS - Holy Tears
Erric Serra from The Messenger soundtrack - Armaturam Dei, Angelus In Medio Ignis, The Miracle Of Orleans.
good pally music you say?

why nothing else but some catholic monk hymns!
I was beaten to both Blind Guardian AND Two Steps from Hell. I'd normally be sad, but such music should be spread to the far corners of the earth.

Eh, what the hell. This one actually kinda makes me think of my Black Templars, but it's still badass.
The chariot. They're a Christian(the light) math ore band that just kicks !@#. They're fast paced so it fits our play style, and the chaoticness just makes it easier to spam the moves you need somehow. I always do top damage in bgs listening to them xP
Music of the gods of course

and that god is ZYZZ

Drawn into the backdrop here
You could fade, you could fade away
Bright lights on a starless night
Burn a hole in the dying day

Looking at life through a loaded gun
Take your best shot, aim it at the sun


Forever mirin
CAGE - Hell Destroyer


...kind of like a spiritual sequel to Painkiller.
Triarii - We are one

Dream Evil - The Chosen Ones

Epica - Dies Irae
Holy Knights - Lord of Nightmares

Rhapsody - Holy Thunderforce

Yngwie Malmsteen - Wield My Sword

The new Judas Priest has an array of great paladin music

And who can exclude Neon Knights by the one and only Black Sabbath?
04/16/2016 10:49 PMPosted by James
Holy Knights - Lord of Nightmares

YOU SON OF A !@#$%! You beat me to it.

But no really, anything that is Power Metal or Epic Power Metal (Mainly Epic Power Metal) is probably the best Paladin-theme.

Stratovarius - Holy Light is always a prime choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHVP2anxbH8

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