(A) 11/12 Servants of Justice Recruiting!!!

Shattered Hand
<Servants of Justice> is recruiting, much like the title says. Our progression so far as been done in the 10 man raid environment. We often run 2 groups and only need a few more people to start our adventures in 25 mans. We are a "day 1" guild here on Shattered Hand, being the last guild on the sever that was here from the very beginning. People have come and gone but the guild and it's reputation are still here. We pride ourselves on being a professional and polite group of people, you won't see us bashing people in trade chat or putting anyone down anywhere. If you are looking for a mature and friendly guild who still get things done on a regular basis come see what we have to offer.


We're 11/12 with Nef getting close and closer to death.

Current recruitment needs.
Healers, the type that log on for raids are preferred.

Exceptional DPS. Pretty much full on warriors. We've forgotten what a Mage was so 1 or 2 of those would be really nice.

Amazing tanks, we have a few already but are always ready to welcome those who prove to be worthwhile.

As always all exceptional applications will be considered.

If you have any questions please ask myself or one of the other officers for help. We frequent our forums so that would be a great avenue to get a hold of us with, also there is almost always one of us in game at any given time.

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