Storm Peaks - Polar Bear Daily


I've done this daily roughly 15 times on this character, and have obtained the elusive White Polar Bear Mount on another character.

But today when I went to routinely complete this quest, well, it's not there.

<Gretta the Arbiter> doesn't offer it to me. And I haven't done the daily for a few days now.

I've only completed 12 dailies today, and so I don't understand why she isn't offering it to me.

Can anyone help me? :/
Maybe since you got the Polar Bear mount, she realizes that nothing of value to you can come from the bags and doesn't want to make any more snowballs, so isn't offering the quest anymore.

But seriously, have you tried contacting a GM? It could be a bug. Also try just googling it and see if anyone else is having a similar issue.
I went for it today and it didn't appear for me either, the npc just talks to me without offering the quest. Hopefully they hotfix it soon
Gretta's dailies are repeats of other one-time quests you complete around Brunnhildar Village. Some of them are on the Sons of Hodir unlock chain which most people do, but some are not.

Gretta chooses a random daily each day, but if you never did the original version of the quest you don't get offered it as a daily. So if she is not offering you a daily, most likely it is because today's choice is a repeat of a quest you never did.

A common couple of quests that people miss are the ones given out in the middle longhouse at the very south end of the village, both of which are candidates for being the daily.
Gretta only opens up for dailies after making a certain amount of progress in the Sons of Hodir quest chain. By the time you get that far, you've done three of the four "originals". As noted, she only offers a daily version of a quest for which you've also done the "original", and for 3/4 of these that distinction is trivial because you have to have done them anyway to get that far.

The fourth "original", however, is not part of the chain, so if you never got around to doing it, then on days when she'd be offering the daily version, it just seems like she doesn't have a quest at all.

This is, however, easily solved. Go look up and do the quest called "Aberrations", which starts in one of the southern buildings in Brunnhildar. Once you do that, Gretta will be able to offer her fourth daily, "The Aberrations Must Die".
I have yet to get the polar bear mount and it still wont let me do the daily either.
Two points, Kamalia...

Actually, three points.

1) Man, that name is painful to read. But that's not important right now.

2) It is considered bad form to reply to a thread that hasn't had any activity for so long. It's more acceptable to just ask in a new thread.

3) The answer to your question: There are a number of things that could be the reason for what's happening to you. The most likely, from what I see from your reputations tab, is that you haven't gotten far enough in the Sons of Hodir chain to unlock the polar bear dailies. It's not until you've entered the Drakennsryd that those dailies become available. If you have entered and completed it, and you're still not seeing dailies from Greta, it's important to note that you get a different random daily each day. Some of these random dailies have a pre-requisite quest. If you haven't done that pre-requisite, you won't get a daily on that particular day. In the southernmost building of Brunnhildar Village, you'll find some quests that you may have missed. Finish them and you should be good to go.

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