Stonethowers constantly throwing same drake.

Bug Report
After doing this quest 4 times on 4 different characters. This happens all the time. The stone drake on right of the picture (link below) sitting on a cliff. The 3 Stonethrowers kept throwing stones at that stone drake which hardly throw at other stone drakes that are flying around which are suppose to be hit by stones from Stonethrowers but they kept throwing at stone drake sitting on the cliff.

This cause the quest "Hard Falls" difficult to complete. When that drake's dead then they will randomly throwing stones at flying stone drakes.

Work Around: I had to kite that stone drake on cliff to Stonethowers and have them killed it so they can resume throwing stones at other stone drakes that are flying around.
Solution: Remove that stone drake or move it farther.

I just read the sticky that I am not suppose to bump my thread. I apologize.
This is still an issue, a year later.

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