Warlock or Mage?

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I'm going to create one, I've looked at class page and 2 other sites but still can't decide, so I need an opinion to help me decide.

Please Give short explanation of why I should pick one or the other.

Again, I don't need someone to decide for me, I just need a bit of help.
Mages have much better dps in endgame, and portals are a pretty nice perk. However, it always seems like there's always one tree for mages that's better than the other two by a lot.

Warlocks, on the other hand, can do decent dps with any of the 3 specs, and our playstyle is a lot more fun in my opinion. Having a pet is also pretty nice, there are lots BC/Wrath dungeons we can solo with ease while other classes will struggle to do so.

You should level both classes to level 15 or 20 and see which one you like better if you can't decide. I would pick warlock though, totally biased of course.
01/15/2011 7:16 PMPosted by Azphel
I would pick warlock though, totally biased of course.

Yeah I realized that, which is why I asked for an explanation Haha , and posted in both Warlock and Mage Forums XD

Edit: Still need suggestions, Please Help.
I think it comes down to this:

PVE: Do you want to DPS while drunk and watching TV or would you rather engage in the game and have to track a million or two timers?

PVP: Do you want to faceroll people while drunk and watching TV or would you rather engage in the game and have to track a million or two keybinds?

Personally, I prefer the latter on both accounts. Mages are very potent, but boring as hell. Warlocks on the other hand can be very potent if played well, but take some effort to do so.

Again, biased opinion here. I've played both (mage to a much lesser extent, and not at all since Cata came about) and I find warlocks to be way more entertaining. More frustrating at times, but more fun.
Absolutely not. You're just bad.

Troll somewhere else please. General forums are always a nice place, you'll find more people like you there.
See the Mage forum gave 2 answers, one was...was just stupid okay... and the second was not very "Helpful"
On the other hand, the Warlock forum has given 2 and a half good answers.
Still having a bit of trouble deciding but leaning towards Warlock even though everyone says they're being nerfed to hell.
I have both. Mages are fun and easy to play. There good against Rogues and Pallys.
01/15/2011 7:16 PMPosted by Azphel
Mages have much better dps in endgame

That's not even remotely true. Mages are in a bad place right now and Warlocks are top 3.
i have a 67 mage and 41 warlock. Both are fun to play so you cant go wrong with either. both quest well too.

mages - you blow things up and if they get too close, you freeze them. if you play as frost, you get a water elemental pet. mages can regen their mana through spells, so you never run out. and portals are nice, i make a small amount of gold off of them.

warlocks - you put a spell on someone and watch them slowly die. i am playing affliction. you have a choice of different pets that you get as you level. i do run out of mana very quickly in every instance though because locks cant regen their mana as well as mages at all. we have a few spells to do it, but its a small amount.

Really, both are fun and play style is different for each. i wouldnt say one is better over the other - so maybe roll both?
Mahes are OP in PvP and never get nerfed.

Warlocks are decent at PVP and eat nerfs every patch.

In PvE they're both equals.
Mage: Pop out spells. Kill the enemy. Do l33t DPS.

Warlock: Get your DoTs cast. Sic you pet on the enemy. Use your short cooldown spell (HoG, Chaos Bolt, Haunt). While you pet keeps the attention of one, grab another. And another. DoT them, too. Soulshatter and have them attack your pet. Burn them all doen with AoE.

We warlocks have amazingly fun but complex playstyles, and each spec is completely different in how you play it. If you want easy, go mage. If you want fun, go warlock.

Every time a warlock is rolled, a demon is born. Keep the evilness alive!
Just go Priest, you have dots AND its boring as hell....its like mage and lock in 1
Roll a lock and get good at it, it will make you a better mage if you ever roll one.
Wasn't trolling. I made a valid and true point.

On a less trolling note.

Whatever you say.
You forgot to include the other paragraph in this... The one where I made a valid point. You have yet to say anything intelligent. And yes, saying you are bad player is, in fact, a valid point. Because if you're getting beaten my mages right now in end-game then you need to stop playing wow and cancel your account immediately. Because you are bad.

Even if you disagree with my point about mages, everything else I said in my first post directly answered the OP's question which was what was the difference and which he should play.

All you said was that you played a mage and then you played a warlock. Gee, great, that really helps.

Also, I admit I'm not the best player, but I'm not being beaten by mages simply because I'm not raiding yet so I obviously can't get beaten by mages... or anyone else. I said mages were better because that's what I've heard from other people, just because what I said was wrong (if it is wrong) does not mean you can troll a topic and get away with saying you made a valid point.

Random strangers who call others out for being bad in the game because of a forum post always means they're trolling.

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