Max Honor Points :o

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well not really max its 3999/4000 ppl told me to save up for lvl 85 PvP gear but i tried to buy a lvl 85 PvP gear to use when im lvl 85 o.o

but it wont let me cause im not 85...

soo idk what to do with my honor points

Should i keep my honor 3999/4000
till im lvl 85?

or should i buy stuff and what should i buy? :0
is there stuff that i can buy to upgrade my current cata gear armor?
or is there better stuff to buy?
Save it. You'll need it when you hit 85, unless you want to blow 2k on one of the war mounts (vendor is in SW, near the PvP vendors). I wouldn't do that unless you think you can get 2k honor before you hit 85 though.
how much do you plan on PVP between now and 85? If you plan to get at least 2k honor I say buy BoA or wahtever otherwise sit on it til 85.

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