The Dark Swarm is LFM!

Azuremyst and Staghelm
The Dark Swarm is looking for laid-back adults (18 and up) that want to have fun and be a part of a friendly, relaxed guild- perfect for people with the duties of full time jobs and floating schedules.

Some things The Dark Swarm is:

►A guild who has been around since BC.

►A place for fun, mature people. You must be 18+ to join. Sense of humor strongly recommended ☺

►A guild interested in doing all kinds of content. Some of us like to PvP, others like to run heroics, mythic+, and raids. Some like to level characters and professions, some love to collect things and camp rares. We welcome all styles of gameplay.

Some things The Dark Swarm is not:

►A raiding guild. If you are looking to raid on a team regularly, we are not for you. We have no interest in organizing progression raids for current content at this time. Any raiding outside of older content is done through PuGs/ LFG. This is subject to change.

►A leveling guild. We accept characters of all levels, but we are looking for people who want to make us their permanent home, not leave once capped and geared.

►A hardcore PvP guild. Some of us do Arenas and aim to start Rated Battlegrounds, but if you want a guild who is strictly PvP oriented, we might not be a fit for your interests.

The Dark Swarm is interested in:

►Creating a tight- knit family of players who like to have a good time. We are an alt- friendly guild- bring all of your characters!

►Guild events. We have many events in the works, with more being added.

►Achievements. We enjoy getting groups together for achievements including metas for mounts, and guild achievements.

►Past content; we like to go back into some older content for fun from time to time as well. Examples are guild OS3D to get people Drakes, or BC raids for Transmog gear.

►Fun; most importantly, continue to be a relaxed environment to hang out in and meet fun people. Play when you want, the way you want.

Interested in joining? Questions? Contact us!

▪ Our website is

▪ We are listed in the Guild Finder!

▪ We use Discord for voice/text.

Leader: Suicune

Officers/Recruiters: Ecronoxx, Ceredar

Drop us a line on the site, this thread, or via in-game mail and we will promptly get back to you!
Our guild site seems to have gone kablooey so I have to get a new host and set it all back up again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Apps can still be placed in LFG or just tossing an in-game mail to one of us, or even just a whisper. Thanks!
Never updated stating that the guild site is back up and running... so yeh- it's back up ;p
Come join us :D
Updated first post with relevant information, such as our new guild website I created. Please stop by and join us!
Still looking for more people for the days leading up to, and beyond the new xpac!
Getting tons of awesome new members, come join us to be one of them! We will be adding fun events soon, with the chance to win prizes! Join now so you can participate in them- and bring your friends!
Hey suicune! Hope you remember me, I was in the guild when we were raiding firelands. Just wondering what classes your in most need of? I can play anything. Really want to tank or dps.

Hope we can get back to how good we were during cata. We were rolling until people stopped showing up. Id like to play something we need and not be hunter #20 in the guild so what are we in most need of?
Hey you, of course I remember you, lol. I would say we probably need heals more than anything, but I am just guessing. We haven't tried to set anything up yet, so I am not 100% sure. But usually the normal tank and heals is what we need, but I know we have at least one person who could tank. I'll catch you in guild at some point, hopefully, we can talk more there :)
Greetings all, Dark Swarm is still recruiting and accepting new and returning players for legion and so forth.
We are very friendly and active and are willing to assist new players in getting started with the game as are looking for people to run new and old content.

If you are interested in finding a new family and home in wow then give us a try.
We are an Adult based guild with vet raiders who have been around since BC.
Not too much longer until Legion comes out, so come join us and get settled in!
Guess I offended someone on the forums with my recruitment posts! Sorry about that! We are recruiting nonetheless! Come join us :)
Trying to get some fun guild achievements done before Legion! Come join us! :)
Legion's release date looms just on the horizon! Come join us and get to meet tons of friendly new faces!
I subbed finally. Just deciding if I'm moving the paladin over or using a 100 boost!

Still looking to join obv. haha.
Well just let us know! :D
Hopefully you guys are still looking, going to gear this guy in Legion with healing focus, as well as try to main a Outlaw Rogue. Too many characters for 24hours in a day. DreadPirate#11378
07/23/2016 01:24 AMPosted by Tõby
Hopefully you guys are still looking, going to gear this guy in Legion with healing focus, as well as try to main a Outlaw Rogue. Too many characters for 24hours in a day. DreadPirate#11378

Added you, will be in touch :)
Hello Suicune and Dark Swarm! Your guild has been on my radar for a few weeks now and ultimately I think it will be a good fit for us. Our guild has unfortunately disbanded as our Guild Leader and Officers decided they would like to reroll to horde for Legion. And I have a small group of friends some family members who are looking for a new, more active home.

Just some info on where we all come from. My group has been playing WoW together since vanilla, off and on. We all have varying interest and pretty much enjoy dabbling in everything. We are not hardcore raiders but have done our fair share, same also applies with PvP. Also greatly enjoy doing Dungeons, old content and the achievements that coincide with all that, and we all have far, far too many Alts.

Our goals for Legion are simple, mainly "Do all the things!" none of us have the urge to start raiding ASAP, but perhaps sometime later on down the road if the opportunity presents itself and pending schedules some of us wouldn't mind helping or setting up a group. A lot of us are greatly looking forward to Mythic + Dungeons however. And a few cant wait to jump into the new pvp changes.

Anyhow we look forward to crushing The Legion with you guys. Those who are interesting in joining along with me: Omnomnomnomy (I probably missed-spelled that none-sense), Loocipher, Tien, Vhrenn, Stumplet, and Birdperson, There might be more showing up later pending if they decided to play on this server or not. But I'll handle that when the time comes. I better stop typing before this turns into a novel.

You can contact me here or in game at Skullshot-Staghelm or Decree-Staghelm.
Hi Skullshot! I am very sorry to hear about your guild, but we would be happy to take all of you in to join us in our growing family! We welcome alts as well- no use having your characters split up! Hopefully we can start getting you all into the guild asap!

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