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Azuremyst and Staghelm
03/24/2017 08:20 PMPosted by Alloráh
I tried joining, but you wouldn't let me join based on the fact that I am Horde. :( Feelsbiasedman.

We have a Horde branch, but it's kinda quiet there ;p

I would have you in the guild if I could, I like Tauren :)
What classes are you looking for raiding?
04/04/2017 09:24 AMPosted by Jerycho
What classes are you looking for raiding?

Non-pally melee, and non-hunter ranged. We could use a tank, either main or offspec, who wouldn't mind swapping if needed.
Rebuilding our progression team, so we are looking for some folks who would like to raid with us! All classes/specs/roles considered. Schedule will be revised once we get rolling again. Hit us up in game if you are interested, or have questions.

Just to reiterate we are a casual friendly guild looking for like minded folks who want a relaxing environment to just play how they want and when while also having some stress free progression raiding a couple nights a week.

We value loyalty and folks wanting to just have fun doing content while being reliable over gear greed driven hardcore raiders. Hence the casual family part of us.
While we enjoy doing up to heroic raiding progression we aren't out to push and stress getting something cleared asap. We have plenty of time to see and clear content as well as gear up thru multiple means. :)

If you think we are a good fit for you and you want a place where the people come first over raiding then please feel free to reply here or contact me on bnet at Alphapac#1943 for more info or contact me or Suicune in game.
Hey this seems like a good fit for a guild. I've been looking for a while on my warrior. Legion I've been mainly Arms/ Fury but I have some experience with off tanking if necessary. my bnet tag is Tomtom#1703.
We are no longer organizing raids for current content progression. Any members who wish to do so can through LFG or PuGs, we just aren't managing teams or setting raids up. We are going back to the core of what this guild was- a large group of friends having fun.

This will not be a loss, because there is no shortage of raiding guilds, however, there needs to be more guilds who want to embrace the lasting friendships this game can create- and foster new ones in the years to come.
We are recruiting for BfA!

09/11/2015 12:11 PMPosted by Suicune
The Dark Swarm is looking for laid-back adults (18 and up) that want to have fun and be a part of a friendly, relaxed guild- perfect for people with the duties of full time jobs and floating schedules.

Some things The Dark Swarm is:

►A guild who has been around since BC.

►A place for fun, mature people. You must be 18+ to join. Sense of humor strongly recommended ☺

►A guild interested in doing all kinds of content. Some of us like to PvP, others like to run heroics, mythic+, and raids. Some like to level characters and professions, some love to collect things and camp rares. We welcome all styles of gameplay.

Some things The Dark Swarm is not:

►A raiding guild. If you are looking to raid on a team regularly, we are not for you. We have no interest in organizing progression raids for current content at this time. Any raiding outside of older content is done through PuGs/ LFG. This is subject to change.

►A leveling guild. We accept characters of all levels, but we are looking for people who want to make us their permanent home, not leave once capped and geared.

►A hardcore PvP guild. Some of us do Arenas and aim to start Rated Battlegrounds, but if you want a guild who is strictly PvP oriented, we might not be a fit for your interests.

The Dark Swarm is interested in:

►Creating a tight- knit family of players who like to have a good time. We are an alt- friendly guild- bring all of your characters!

►Guild events. We have many events in the works, with more being added.

►Achievements. We enjoy getting groups together for achievements including metas for mounts, and guild achievements.

►Past content; we like to go back into some older content for fun from time to time as well. Examples are guild OS3D to get people Drakes, or BC raids for Transmog gear.

►Fun; most importantly, continue to be a relaxed environment to hang out in and meet fun people. Play when you want, the way you want.

Interested in joining? Questions? Contact us!

▪ Our website is

▪ We are listed in the Guild Finder!

▪ We use Discord for voice/text.

Leader: Suicune

Officers/Recruiters: Ecronoxx, Ceredar

Drop us a line on the site, this thread, or via in-game mail and we will promptly get back to you!

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