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Bleeding Hollow
<Fållen Oblivion> is recruiting! We're currently 8/13H and looking to strengthen our core roster as we progress further into Heroic HFC. We're a casual guild, but we've consistently cleared challenging content during the last few expansions. Our goal is to complete Heroics within the next few weeks and start on Mythics in October.

We're a 2 night/6 hour guild that raids Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6pm-9pm (PST)/9pm-12am (EST), with an optional alt raid on Sundays.

Our highest recruiting needs are:
Paladin (Holy)
Shaman (Ele/Resto)
Warrior (DPS)
Priest (shadow/Holy)

We're full on Druids, and the Vanquisher token is generally oversubscribed, but otherwise we'll consider any other competent applicants. We would prefer applicants to have at least item level 690 gear. We use Ventrilo which is required.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Axter or Taurnado (thedude#1329) or me Yummae#1671
We are still looking :)

Now 12/13 Heroic HFC, still looking for a healer (sham pref) and a couple of dps to fill for Heroic raid and future mythic raiding (early to mid October.)

We raid two nights a week tues/thurs 9PM - 12AM, with farm/alt run night on Sundays 9PM.

The majority of us are working adults with families and real life responsibilities that enjoy coming together to get bosses down a couple nights a week. 100% attendance is not expected, but if you come you are expected to know the fights, follow directions and have fun!!!

Please contact me (chazo#1701), Taurnado (thedude#1329), Elunar/Middget or Yummae (Yummae#1671) for more information.
Conflict i think we raid with you guys enough on Tuesdays outside of the citadel.

Now 13/13H, looking to move into Mythic, pst for more info.

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