Worgen and the Argent tournament

I understand worgens weren't around when the argent tournament got started. I understand we wont have squires and a "worgen" faction to champion but why should I be punished and not able to gain so many achievement points because i want to participate as a new content race.

i lovingly leveled this toon from 1-85 with the intention of getting as many achievement points as possible. I understand iM too late for many achievements which have since been turned into feats of strength. So is there any plan/chance of worgens being able to complete this series of quests or are bliz going to change the argetn tournament into a feat of strength... seems very unfair (and yeah i know... lifes not fair)
Wait, what are you asking? You want Worgen to complete the Argent Tournament, and become Crusader with all of it's concordant achievements? Or are you asking for Gilneas to have a representative at the tournament with their own mounts, etc? (I cannot see that happening -- Worgen on all twos with a lance and shield, but still "mounted"?)

1. Gilneas is its own faction, and doing quests for Gilneas requires doing Gilneas startiung area, Teldrassil, Darkshore, Silverpine, then associated level zones with Gilnean quest givers in plentitude (Duskwood, Blasted Lands), followed by championing with the city tabard in 1-60 and 80-85 dungeons.

2. Worgen are functionally restricted from competing in the Argent Tournament. It was one of the first things Tirion Fordring instituted when Gilneas, being traitors by abandoning the original Alliance, did upon their readmission into the Alliance. That and Worgen, lacking a racial mount, have to compete on all fours while wearing a lance and shield on their back or something, or do it on all twos. Good riddance, he says.

3. Seriously, though, only the city reps as of Wrath will be represented for story purposes and functional concerns over plopping in Gilneans into a storyline (Northrend) where they are not effectively included (Grizzly Hills doesn't count, shut up you) prevents Gilneas from being a Tourney competitor.
surely lorewise it wouldnt be a stretch to allow worgens to represent an alliance faction at the tournament. I dont expect them to have their own mounts. I just want to be able to finish off the questline like all the other alliance factions can. It feels like i dont get to experience the entirety of the game because i chose a faction blizzard created recently
We don't have to have a Gilneas faction in the tournament. We can just champion Darnassus or Stormwind as our first faction there or something.

Its not just for the achievements either. Not being able to do any of the argent tournament stuff means we can't get rep with the silver covenant. We can't get any argent tournament rewards, and its making getting rep with the Alliance Vanguard so I can get Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper a royal pain.
suppose it would be too much of a bother to actually hear from blizzard about the situation? a response maybe to "how hard would it be to make it so we can champion SW or Darn or any of the other factions?" or even "Why would they create a new race that is at a disadavantage right from the beginning?" ... this might be a small matter in the grand scheme of things but to not allow Worgen the same opportunities as other factions... why the hell did I level a Worgen if I can't have the same chances as everyone else.
ua goblins have the same problem, my boyfriend finished the start quest and hit 80. He'd like to get the crusader title, but found he can't.
im sad to see no response as to whether or not it is possible to champion SW or some other faction to continue the questline. why does does blizzard not care about the disparity with their new race and existing races?
Your race wasn't around in Wrath, stop QQing because you can't get cool titles when you weren't playing.

Also, you could just racechange, do the Tournament, then racechange back if you're so inclined.
no they weren't around for wrath so why can they be death knights? i am goign to keep QQing becasue this is complete BS. Why make races that can not participate in the entire game. Why not just take away pvp for taurens, instances for humans, raids for undead and why not all of outland is off limits to draenai. I know these are ridiculous statements but cmon, your hampering my ability to play a part of the game!
I full heartedly agree with this, players shouldn't be barred from gaining access to certain content based on their race. Especially since as an above poster said it hamper's her ability to get old recipes found only in Wrath content.

01/17/2011 8:29 PMPosted by Samej
Your race wasn't around in Wrath, stop QQing because you can't get cool titles when you weren't playing.

Also, you could just racechange, do the Tournament, then racechange back if you're so inclined.

We shouldn't HAVE to do that though, Goblins and Worgen have every right to get achievements and armor that every other race has access to as everyone else. A Goblin or Worgen Player shouldn't have to pay 50 Dollars just to do older content when blizzard can simply make a fix for them and have Worgen Champion Darnassus or Stormwind and Goblins Champion Org.
how hard would it be to change? is it a complete overhaul of the system or simply a flcik of the switch. can we get a response or am i just shouting into the wind?
its making getting rep with the Alliance Vanguard so I can get Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper a royal pain.

you may want to relax a little on that...

because currently worgen and goblins can't learn that schematic.
[edit](well of course goblins can't learn THAT one, but neither new race can learn the faction specific schematic)
so what do i have to do to get an answer?
Okay, so I've been on the PTR, and it looks like Worgen currently get slaved to Darnassus, so we can finally complete the tourney. Thank you Blizzard for not being jerks and locking us out of so much content. (I assume this also means that goblins were slaved to a horde faction, likely Org)
This is the biggest load of BS I think I've ever encountered with this game. I just recently faction changed to a worgen and was hoping to open up the Crusader QM so I could buy some of the BoA with the million Champion's Seals that I have. I was unaware that worgen and goblins could not take part in the Argent Tournament. So now I get to pay to go back to a night elf...great idea Blizz. It really screws over the people that faction change to a worgen or goblin. Oh well, worgen suck anyway.
is it true its on PTR? anyone confirm? blizzard rep?
uh, Worgen Dk's ( like mine ) were given an exuse as to why they could become worgens ( we are some of the gilneas that were walled off from Gilneas and became Worgen of shadowfang keep under Archmage Arugal, we escaped and therefore WERE around in Wrath ) and worgen should have the same possibilities as every other race, we could just ride our Mountain horses for the competetion for mounts and hell i can even equip the Alliance Lance
Account wide titles fixes this problem. Does it not?

Get the title on a race that is represented. Use the title on your Worgen/Goblin.

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