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Can these be acquired at friendly and work like every other tabard (reputation in dungeons go towards clan reputation). That they are exalted items seems a bit outdated, and being forced to do dailies in outland seems a bit pointless/harsh/irritating if you wanna work up those reputations.
Other people got em legit, why shouldn't you?
Run the old dungeons over and over for reputation. Lower City is easy to get up if you're farming for the raven's lord mount now. Botanica is an easy run for Sha'tar rep. Honor Hold? I love doing Shattered Halls. Check out the Coilfang Reservoir for Cenarion Expedition rep- those turn-ins really add up, so there's very few runs you actually have to do in order to reach exalted. Haven't decided on how I'd do the Consortium rep, but I've done the heroic and normal dailies in Shattrath in the meantime. There's the Caverns of Time reputation, or whatever the BC equivalent is, but that's not something I've focused on yet. I assume it's all the same though.

Each dungeon will give you rep in something, be it up to honored or all the way through exalted, depending on its difficulty. It's why tabards didn't (or still don't? no idea) work in BC dungeons, since those dungeons are designed to give you reputation already with a certain faction.

Granted, I'm a tankadin, so soloing lower level instances is a no-brainer for me.
The only reps that are going to give you any sort of trouble are going to be the Kurenai, Shattered Sun Offensive, and the Consortium. Aldor and Scryers aren't too hard to get, just turn in the marks and your set for those. The Skyguard actually were a pain to get up too.

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