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Where can I buy PvP gear in Orgrimmar THAT ISN'T LEVEL 85? Every quartermaster I come across only sells gear which requires the level cap.
Well I'm a new player and am not quite sure about the locations yet. That said, can anyone tell me where the lowest level PvP gear vendor is in Orgrimmar?
There is no low level pvp vendor in orgrimmar.

The one you are looking for would be in northern barrens.

Hmm, okay, just a bit misleading because someone previously informed me that there was actually a lower level PvP vendor in Orgrimmar. Does that mean that the vendors there all only sell level 85 gear?
There is a lower level pvp vendor in orgrimmar to my knowledge, but the lowest level they sell gear for is level 60.

There's also an accessories quartermaster who sells tabards and trinkets and stuff as well, but I've found that they're never worth the honor point investment.
Okay, thanks for your patience, I know some people get frustrated with players who ask questions like these. That said, what about in the other Horde capitals (Undercity, Mulgore, and Silvermoon)? Are there any lower-level vendors there?
If the battlemaster for warsong hasnt changed location when cata was released. he should be just south of the northern barrens/ashenvale border on the left. There should be a small path somewhere near there.

Again this is just a guess if that NPC hasnt been moved somewhere/removed.
Confirmed that the warsong quartermaster is still in the northern barrens. Link shows location www.wowhead.com/npc=14754/kelm-hargunth
There is also a PvP vendor in Arathi Highlands. :)
And there is one just north of Tarren Mill, the Frostwolf Quartermaster, although I believe most of that gear is for level 60's.
i went to the northern barrens and did not find the pvp vendor.
I am having a same issue here, but thanks for the tip.
The Warsong Gulch vendor for low levels is in the Northern Barrens. You go to Crossroads and travel north almost as far as you can go and still be on the N. Barrens map. Open your map and look for the top left Horde flight path icon on the Crossroads area map. That is where you are going. Just follow the road north like I said from Crossroads and when you are almost to the flight path icon on your map you will look to the left of the road and will see 2 large horde flags at the beginning of a path that leads up the hill. Go up that path. He will be up there on the right side area before you go in to the Warsong Gulch cave entrance. If you come in to Ashenville, you have gone too far.
Aside from the battleground quartermasters, you can start getting sets of pvp gear from "legacy armor vendors" and "legacy weapon vendors" in the pvp vendor areas of Orgrimmar and Stormwind. They'll sell you the 60 (lieutenant/grand marshal), 70 (brutal), and 80 (wrathful) pvp sets. They also sell a few lower-level pieces like cloaks and bracers, though last I knew they weren't really all that good compared to dungeon blues.

A full grand marshal/high warlord set plus weapons will run you somewhere in the region of 1300-1500 honor.

A brutal set plus the belt/bracers/boots, trinkets, and weapons will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of 1900 honor, depending on how much of it you want to buy.

A wrathful set will cost over 4k, meaning you can't buy it all at once (sadly) and I'm not sure how useful it really is considering the greens and blues from cataclysm outweigh it in terms of sheer stats.
the one in northern barrens dont sell the full sets of gear..is their another pvp vendor?
01/22/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Nikkî
the one in northern barrens dont sell the full sets of gear..is their another pvp vendor?

There is no "full set of pvp gear" for anything under level 60.

There's the WSG vendor, and the AB vendor behind Hammerfall, which sells specific pieces up to level 60. That's it.
Im level 28 and a rogue for the horde....where can i get pvp gear for around my level?
im trying to get fully geared and im also a new player
It's even simpler than that: As you enter the hall of heroes, (to the left) the first two vendors do 60, 70, and I'm not quite sure but 80 as well level Pvp gear. Or, you can take a flight to "The Mor'Shan Ramparts" in N. Barrens, that is the Warsong Gulch old BG entrance.

Arathi Basin Quatermasters can be found by flying to Hammerfall in the Eastern Kingdoms

Also in the Eastern Kingdoms, Alterac Valley -Fly to Tarren Mill, and walk or ride to the AV entrance about 200yrds away.

Some PvP items under 85 can also be found in the Isle of Quel Danas, Dalaran, and the Argent Tournement Grounds. Also Don't forget the Arena vendors --the best PvP gear of all.

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