Arenas:World PvP Cross-Server World War Event

Cross Server = World War = WPVP Event
PvP Announcement Thread - Wow Anniversary - World War "World" PvP Event
Cross-Server "World" PvP Event
Dates: November 16 - December 2nd
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2015 11th Wow Anniversary + World War "World" PvP Event

  • Event information
  • PVP not your thing?
  • How to Help Advertise the Event On Your Server
  • How to form groups for World War & World PvP
  • How to gear up SUPER FAST! (Full gear in less then 5 hours fast 715-730+ilvl)
  • World PVP Strategy - Tips and Tricks
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  • Lag and Server Crash Prevention + PVE Server Restrictions
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  • Server Breakdown of World PVP on Arthas

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    Event Information

    DATES: November 18 - December 2nd . During the WoW Anniversary.
    EVENT: "World" War

    This will be a 2 week long PVP event across all realms and zones. Over 20,000 members from various PVP communities have confirmed participation prior to this announcement. Along with hundreds of guilds in-game from various servers. Thousands more are expected to join the battle by November in the worlds largest battleground AZEROTH! Pick a side Red or Blue, then join the fight!

    A new global channel "WorldPVP" will be used to help locate pvp activity on servers during the event. This channel also allows in game voice support via the in-game sound & voice menus. To join the channel in game type: /join worldpvp OR /j worldpvp . If people on your server refuse to stay in this channel during the event please revert to using General and LFG chat, and deal with the LFG trolls.

    FUN FACT: If you right click your chat window "Name" you can go to "Settings" and you can edit text colors, enable class colors when people speak, and modify background colors & transparency. You can also select what channels you want to be in the chat window. or Create a new chat window and keep it docked/undocked and minimized untill your ready to use it.
    *note*: Dont forget to enable whispers if you make separate channels for General, LFG or Trade chat.

    Objective of event
    Bring back and give access to world PvP to all servers. Inform players on the use of the premade finder to organize and create world pvp so all servers with low/high horde/alliance populations can participate on in massive battles. This will also allow PvE players to join large PvP battles on PvP servers.

    "We" are attempting to have world pvp in nearly every zone of the game every day, all day for 2 weeks via the help of the premade finder. "We" are bringing back that Vanilla style ganking and that Horde VS Alliance love/hate the comes with it that makes people want to fight back.

    In the game there has yet to be a true war between players large enough to last more then a few days since Vanilla WoW when they did the last "World War Event" some 10 Years ago. Sure people make them here and there but its sever specific, only ~10,000 people tops get to participate. What about the other multi-million wow subscribers? This is war is for everyone not just one server.

    This is also a reminder to people on PVP servers that forgot how to PVP. "Our city is under attack!"... "Oh, let it be they will leave after they kill the boss" WTF? So, what happens when they don't leave...? You need to fight back to get control of your town.

    The hammering of drums in the distance, the sounding of alarms, the echoing of battlecrys. All around you armies will form and glorious battles will be had by all!

    Complete and full details are located in the main post.
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    As the pvp forums have a max character limit of 5000 per post.
    The event will be posted on the forums in "General Discussion".
    hahaha genocide
    Damn, that looks dope. I'll be out there.
    but why? I can just queue for ashran, best world pvp of all time
    08/31/2015 08:48 PMPosted by Silverkitty
    but why? I can just queue for ashran, best world pvp of all time
    True but world pvp gives that oldschool fill it it.

    also Revision 2.0 has been released
    Updated Main Thread to Revision 2.4d
    Updated accordingly to the Arenas thread as this bringing an amazing organized PVP event to the game, to fuel pvp to be fun for everyone..

    I would have larger thread posted here but there are 5000 character limits on posts in the pvp forums and I would need create several posts to get all the information on here. I am opting to leave the main post in "General Discussion" for that reason.
    Revision 2.4f

    Updates include Creation of the navigation menu.

    Main Post:
    Navigation Menu:

    Going to take a while to transfer all information into the NAV menus. ETA nav completion before October...
    08/31/2015 08:04 PMPosted by Soballer
    95% alliance.....5% horde.....doesn't sound like fun
    09/21/2015 02:32 AMPosted by Seventhsin
    95% alliance.....5% horde.....doesn't sound like fun

    Nah those are 3s participation numbers, not the actual balance. WPvP even brings out PvEers. I'm pumped for this event.
    I'm so down for this can't wait
    The faction imbalance makes this completely impractical. You won't see much horde participation after the first couple days.
    Updating nav menu today... may have to create a new post... i think the "Main thread" is capped out. anyone able to post to it ?
    Well its a bit late... Finally finished the Navigation menu and updated it to a new thread as the last one capped out.
    I want in, I want it to last 3 days, I want to be exhausted from laughing at all the Nightelves that perished!
    09/21/2015 10:00 PMPosted by Jenaragu
    The faction imbalance makes this completely impractical. You won't see much horde participation after the first couple days.

    Don't be so sure! Us old school Horde Pvpers have been waiting for this glorious day!
    FYI this starts on MONDAY!... so spread the word :)
    09/21/2015 10:00 PMPosted by Jenaragu
    The faction imbalance makes this completely impractical. You won't see much horde participation after the first couple days.

    Being perfectly honest here... there are roughly a hundred or so wow servers... The majority of the interest in this event is Heavy on the horde side as of current. Sure we might be out numbered... but the horde interested in this event are fully geared and organized.

    One organized army can slaughter thousands if you catch them off guard using stealth tactics and constantly being on the move.

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