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08/29/2015 06:49 AMPosted by Bomdanil
Banish is an issue because LFR raiders avoid mechanics like an anti-vaxxer avoids science,

This made my morning.

08/28/2015 11:49 PMPosted by Goldbrand
Relatively speaking Archimonde in LFR no more difficult than in higher difficulties.

Higher difficulties have the benefit of allowing you to remove problem players from the group after 1 wipe, some semblance of faster-than-typing verbal communication, and the ability to control for skill/experience/gear. None of which exists in LFR. Those missing factors contribute significantly to LFR's woes on Archimonde, same as they did during MoP's LFR issues, and are why you can't just claim it's fine if it's on par with other difficulties if you're assuming all else is equal.

Because all else isn't equal.

Because random.

Random exists in normal and heroic pugs too.

Determination stacks in LFR already compensate for the extra whatever that you find in LFR. Normal and above don't have the luxury of that buff.

And your post actually argues in favour of organized groups. If organized groups cannot even down heroic Blackhand despite trying their best, with flasks, pots, real-time communication through vent, and the fact that LFR Archimonde can be killed by random people in 3 hours, LFR people are seriously having it easy.

Yeah it's painful to see wipes in LFR, but the final boss of this expansion is a badass. People in higher difficulties also don't have it easy, so deal with it.

What do you expect? 1-shot kill for Archimonde? If yes, the issue is less with LFR Archimonde difficulty and more to do with entitlement.
I play with a casual guild... Casual as in all-inclusive, people-who-have-never-raided-before types of players. We do maybe two nights a week for a couple of hours each night, so we're still only up to Normal Gorefiend at the moment. I'm honestly considering trying to get a guild group going for LFR Archimonde tomorrow just so we can see what it's like and learn all the mechanics before we get to it in Normal. Just because I think it'll be frustratingly fun, and a good learning experience.
You don't need 710 gear to down this guy. Frankly, if people do the mechanics, he's not hard to heal or DPS through, and after a while the pattern isn't hard to understand.

The only truly challenging mechanic is the void stars- which instantly wipe five members including a tank, are fast and have enough health to make it to their target if dps aren't quick to pick them up.

Personally, I'd rather not see them change anything about this fight- but if they do, I imagine it will be the void stars, mostly because a single mistake on them pretty much guarantees a wipe, and that's rather harsh mechanics for LFR.
08/29/2015 09:17 AMPosted by Goldbrand
And your post actually argues in favour of organized groups.

Well, yeah? I keep pushing for people to go into normal modes once they develop past LFR precisely because I think organised groups are a vastly superior experience.

08/29/2015 09:17 AMPosted by Goldbrand
What do you expect? 1-shot kill for Archimonde?

No. In LFR I'd expect maybe a 3 shot. In normal, heroic, or mythic I expect dozens, if not hundreds, of wipes before I see the kill.
08/29/2015 04:56 AMPosted by Asah
Serious question.

You people who "know what you are doing" and have the time to spend up to 4 hours in a raid .... Why the hell are you still in LFR?

I am seeing more and more people who apparently had a lot of time on their hands and clearly feel they are a cut above the average LFR raider. So what's up?

I like to clear LFR once per toon - mostly for my armory. But I wont do Archimonde unless it gets tuned to LFR level. Not worth my time / repairs in gold.
08/29/2015 06:27 AMPosted by Clalina
08/29/2015 02:49 AMPosted by Cherna
Personally, I'm confounded by the fact that I read people say they don't have time to commit to actual raiding (Normal+), but spend 3-4 hours sometimes killing LFR bosses.

3 hours is literally what it take for my guild to clear 13/13 Heroics from hellfire assault to Archimonde. Blows my mind when people continue to cling onto LFR when normal + heroic is much more rewarding and time-efficient.

I only have 3/4 hour blocks to play sporadically throughout the week due to my job, and if I have to take care of something, I can just leave LFR, but with a guild (especially higher end raiding guilds) there are penalties. This is my experience but I would imagine it's a similar situation for people with children, work from home, etc.
So I guess why I dont' do normal mode is because I hate being raged at. If you continue to mess up, die or do low dmg they will kick you. If you've spent 2 hours in group getting a group and then kill 1 or 2 bosses; you don't want to be kicked. That usually doesn't happen in LFR.

I just want to do the legendary each expansion for the story and that's the only reason I'm doing LFR. Yes after 3 expansions in a row of doing the LFR I've learned how to do general mechanics and I can learn them after 1 or 2 fights if explained to me. (or I figure it out myself)

I know I am capable of doing normal, maybe even heroic mode raids but I don't want to dedicate that time. I want to just wait for the LFR queue, hop in, work on w/e legendary part I'm on and get out after 30-50 minutes.
Archimonde LFR is not out yet.
How did you do draenor LFR in 2017???
Why are we even replying to a post that is 1 Expansion Old.
Thread is from 2015.

It's a good reminder that LFR players have never been able to handle mechanics though. And have never wanted to.

The latest freak-out over Star Augur isn't unusual. It's just par for the course.
02/12/2017 06:26 AMPosted by Spongebobt
How did you do draenor LFR in 2017???

you can queue from a guy in your Garrison, Seer something, a guy sitting outside your main hall.
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