Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 6.2.2/6.2.3

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This is a continuation of Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 6.2. Please refer to the previous thread for past updates.



We've just applied a hotfix to Skirmish Arenas. They now grant 40 Honor & 25 Conquest for a victory. Longer matches grant additional Honor.

Fel Corruption in phase 3 of archimonde mythic.. Bug or feature?

This was the result of a change we implemented to address an exploit, but has gone awry. We'll adjust it as soon as possible.

if you do 3 tw dungeons a day, it'll take 8 months to get one mount. Intended?

1st dungeon you do each event awards 500 badges via quest drop. But yes, these mounts require long-term commitment.

Hey @WarcraftDevs the Bonus Objective Bloodthorn Cave for Shoot for the Moon Achievement is still broken. #Warcraft

We’re continuing to investigate this issue and test solutions.

Could you please let us solo Spoils of Pandaria LFR? The encounter won't let you start unless you are 5 people in the raid.

Thanks for pointing this out. We're working on a hotfix to remove this outdated requirement.

.@WarcraftDevs Are shipyard equipment plans now account wide? My most recent arrival in tanaan seems to have some unexpectedly unlocked.

They are indeed.

@warcraftdevs Keristrazsa, Ymiron, and Loken drop 10 badges, but Gal'darah only 5?

We just hotfixed this – Eck and Galdarah had portions of their loot tables swapped for Timewalking.

@WarcraftDevs Are the Timewalking vendors also available outside of the Timewalking weekends?

The vendors will stay spawned for 24 hours after the event ends, so there’s time to spend currency earned at the last minute.

@WarcraftDevs is Ironbound Wraithcharger a WoD exclusive? or will it be obtainable a long while from now? should i be rushing to get asap?

The Timewalking rewards aren’t tied to this expansion – no need to rush!

@WarcraftDevs did class trinkets get nerfed/buffed without any patch notes?

Nothing has changed about any raid trinkets in quite a while – any such changes would be documented in hotfix notes.

[Regarding the ability to track Shipyard Achievements.]
@WarcraftDevs Any update on this? Nothing done in 6.2.2 to fix it. Thanks

This was just hotfixed today.

Last LK Timewalking cache for me was Heroic, this time it was Normal. What gives? I've only done more H kills since then?

Maybe you’re thinking of the Draenor dungeon holiday? Timewalking gives a Normal cache; Draenor Mythics a Heroic one.

Why was the drop rate of Val'anyr fragments lowered so much?

It hasn’t been touched in years (if ever) – sounds like bad luck. :(

@WarcraftDevs Why don't nameplates have current hp/max hp info anymore? It's just between 0 and 1. Very annoying, undocumented change.

We're aware of the issue and it will be fixed in a future update.

Smoke bomb no longer working on Shadowfel burst on Mythic Arch intended? Not seeing any documentation.

We generally do not document fixes to exploits. That was definitely not an intended interaction.

Trivia question. What made you decide that the TOC/ICC model with normal/hc was better than the Ulduar model with hardmodes?

Tough to cover in 140 characters, but mainly clarity and consistency.

Pretty please fix arena skirmishes. I don't wanna have attackable team mates anymore :( </3

Is this something you're still experiencing? We’ve recently sent hotfixes to address the issue.

I have full conquest gear, why do I get blue medallion as human when I use Mercenary?

We didn’t feel it was appropriate to give someone a free conquest item.

lost my title with the new mercenary mode, specifically with my HotA title.... pvp title cant be expose in pvp

We didn’t feel it was appropriate to use faction titles with Mercenary mode.

@WarcraftDevs does legendary called legendary because they are rare or because they have better stats?

Legendary items generally have unique properties that make them more powerful than alternatives in a given expansion.

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