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Elusive Brew is also better as an active ability. That dodge mastery is very unappealing. Can't stagger improve with mastery?

It's important to note that the Elusive Brawler mastery effect can stack, making it extremely reliable.

Does this mean Mistweavers will no longer be immune to ranged mechanics? No longer considered melee?

Correct. Mistweavers will now be treated like other ranged specs for the purpose of encounter ability targeting.

Are monk still keeping their mobility?

Roll, Transcendence, and several talents will continue to provide Monks with great mobility.

Lastly, can I move while soothing mist is active?

There's a talent which will allow you to do just that!

Does Expel Harm still exists for Brewmasters? I kind of liked it.

The gameplay from Expel Harm was merged into a new, stronger version of Gift of the Ox.

Mistweaver clarifications: Movement will interrupt soothing mists? When Renewing mist "travels" is it removed from 1st target?

When Renewing Mist overheals, it leaves the overhealed target, and moves to a new target.

What gives fury warriors "much higher max health"?

A passive +25% bonus to max health, and Titan's Grip (which roughly amounts to another 6%, typically).

Is Tigereye Brew … gone?

Tigereye Brew is a classic 1.5 minute DPS cooldown now.

I really like the Fighting Game approach with WW. Have they got any talents related to this? Maybe something like Gauge bars?

There's a talent that enhances WW Mastery by rewarding combo chains. We're hoping to see fighting game style UI addons for it :)

So if I heal the tank who has Beacon he won't get any benefit from Lightbringer unless I'm stood next to the tank?

If you have Beacon of the Lightbringer and cast directly onto your Beacon, it will get 100% mastery benefit.

love the new mistweavers kit. Any chance there's a talent to make essence font like rjw, cast other things while using it?

The channel on Essence Font is there to help balance its large amount of total healing. At 3 seconds, it's still quite flexible.

Why doesn't Rampage just trigger Enrage? Take some emphasis off randomness of BT crit, which is a major concern.

Rampage always deals damage as though you're Enraged. You don't have to wait until Enrage to use it.

Why cast Effuse? Cast a bigger heal (like Renewing) and just let the passives do the maintenance healing over time. Same HPM.

Effuse is a fast and cheap way to start Soothing on a target. It's the Monk's answer to spells like the Priest's "Heal."

Is the statue gone for mistweavers? and how will they be able to level as healers with fistweaving removed?

There is a talent that brings back the Statue for players who miss it.

2 Mistweaver questions: still melee? and is mana tea still around?

Mana Tea is no longer present in its current form, but there is a new variant of it in talents.

P-please tell me you didn't just remove monk stuns from FoF, that would be soul crushing

We're planning to include a PvP talent that will return the stun to Fists of Fury.

Chi-Ji is my favorite Celestial; I hope there are plans to bring back a Crane theme for Monks in the future?

We love Chi-Ji too! Keep an eye out for a new talent: "Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane."

what's the usefulness of energy for brews now? Cooldowns and huge energy costs on tiger palm and keg smash?

Tiger Palm is actually 25 Energy for Brewmasters, 50 for Windwalker. That's a mistake in the blog, and will be fixed shortly!

With FW gone for MW what damaging abilities do we have for "solo questing outdoors"? Not mad crane is rip,just wondering.

Mistweaver will still have melee abilities for dealing damage, they're just not dual-purposed into providing smart heals.

For the record, Ironfur stacks. It doesn't mean the duration increases, it means that for each charge used consecutively it goes up by 100%

It *overlaps*, which is slightly different. You gain and lose each stack individually. It doesn't just grow indefinitely.

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