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Is pistol a new item in itself that can be equipped for Outlaw Rogues?

Pistols are not a new weapon type. Outlaws just always have a concealed Pistol (similar to Shurikens for Subtlety).

With substantial changes to the Sub Rogue’s Stealth uptime, should we expect to see Find Weakness in #Legion?

With the new Shadow Dance design, Find Weakness no longer makes sense, so it has been removed.

Why is it called Shadowstrike and not Ghostly Strike?

Because Ghostly Strike is a talent for Outlaws! :)

Does Venomous Wounds still do damage on proc or just energy regen?

Just energy regen.

How will you make Pistol Shot's animation work seeing as it is an instant cast and the weapon has to be drawn quickly?

It's pretty quick. We're looking forward to feedback on new animations once Beta begins!

Loved the rogue preview but... Anticipation: baseline please?

Anticipation remains a talent. However, it has some serious competition on its talent row now.

What is the reasoning behind keeping feral automatic stealthed rake stun in PvP? It makes for uninteresting gameplay.

Incarnation no longer affects Rake in Legion.

Please, tell me that Co-..Outlaw rogues instead of throw will have shoot (vial their pistol!) Please !! :D

Indeed. Pistol Shot provides a ranged snare and minor damage (which is heavily increased with the proc from Saber Slash).

Does Shadowstrike have a cooldown?


Pretty disappointed Assa still isn't active poisoning. And no thrown poison vial? Outlaw losing PvP stun/silence from stealth?

Assassination does have an ability that throws a poisoned dagger, applying your poison at range. It's just not in the blog.

So are a lot of talents being added to classes and such? I hope they're significant

Indeed - there are TONS of new talents!

Shadowstepping on every Shadowstrike seems dangerous in PvE. Will there be a way to lessen our need to be in a backstab zone?

Shadowstrike will not teleport you if you are already in melee range.

In a world where healers are to do more damage in the down time during bosses, how are [Mistweavers] to do that at range?

During an encounter where you can't be in melee, Crackling Jade Lightning makes a good fallback.

pistol shot'll let me damage & gain combo points from range. Awesome! Will there be a ranged finisher?

Yes! Instead of Kidney Shot, Outlaws have a pistol-based finisher which deals damage and stuns from range.

If we do have to have positional requirements then the UI needs to communicate what "behind" is without trial and error.

There are changes incoming to the targeting selection circle that show the direction your target is facing.

That isn't really enough, I don't know about you guys but rapidly marking out 60 degree arcs in your head isn't easy.

Backstab will also count the sides.

How will Druid affinities work with the Artifact weapons? Will there be some kind of automatic conversion to support it?

No, Artifacts remain spec-specific. You won't need to swap weapons to use your Affinity.

Any news on PoH being "closest 5 targets" like WG?, making efficient PoH groups isn't fun and should be fixed.

In #Legion, Prayer of Healing will choose allies within a radius instead of being group-based.

If I'm playing Feral w/ guardian affinity, could I perform a 3rd tank role in encounters using a 3-tank strategy?

The intention is that any Druid with Guardian Affinity can tank something, as long as it's not overly hard-hitting.

How will HPal mast affect Beacon? Will Beacon xfer 50% of total heal or will it be lowered by being further away

The Beacon will transfer 50% of the total heal, regardless of where the Beacon target is standing.

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