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Will Restoration Druids have Genesis in Legion? I love Genesis, especially for Challenge Modes.

Genesis has been removed. Instead, Flourish and the new Mastery will help in similar situations.

Could it be possible to allow Ele shamans Lava Burst precasting? So the dmg increase applies on hit and not casting? Please.

Possibly. Nuances like that will be evaluated in beta. Important to consider the reverse: casting LvB just before FS expires.

Does Dark Soul still exist for Warlocks in Legion?

No. Instead, Doomguards and Infernals will be on much shorter cooldowns, and possibly stronger, to fulfill the same role.

Will Healing Surge still be instant after some MSW build-up for Enhancement? Would absolutely suck if not.

We're still evaluating that. It currently costs a variable amount of Maelstrom (0 to 20). May affect healing, cast time, or both.

Will we get an updated Aspect of the Pack for Legion? I hate having to find the forgetful hunter and tell him to turn it off

Aspect of the Pack will no longer bother you in Legion...

Clarification on the brew master keg? Is it just just the one on the end of the artifact staff or an actual keg?

Yes, the one on the staff. The base artifact's keg is a small bottle, but the alternate visuals have a much larger keg, like Chen.

I saw the Ele Sham artifact weapon is a 1Hander; any info on if we get something to go in the other hand, like a shield?

Yes, there is an accompanying shield. You can see it in the Shaman Artifact blog! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/19941529/legion-shaman-artifact-reveal-10-23-2015

All we ask is that you make the Mage Community aware that threads such as these have not gone unnoticed by Devs

Your feedback is not going unnoticed! Note: Innervate can only be cast on healers.

For MW monks, will artifact staves be displayed upside-down? That would look bad/weird

Staves no longer sheath differently for Monks. There were issues with many staves, so we decided it was time for a universal fix.

[Shaman] having an artifact weapon that already shares the name of a cata weapon drop does not make my artifact feel special

Agreed. This name is not final.

What if we by accident select the wrong node on our artifact weapon, will there be a way to undo this?

There will be a method of respeccing your Artifact, but it comes with a cost.

Are tanking specs getting some PvP love in Legion? Will they be tuned to be competitive?

We're looking for new ways to get tanks involved in PvP.

Hello. Will there be rank 1 titles account wide? mounts? atleast class wide?

We have no current plans to change how titles and mounts are distributed.

Will Champion's Honor be effectively useless tomorrow?

The Champion's Honor currently available will be, yes. There will be a new version of Champion's Honor for next season.

Is there no Vicious Saddle Mount this Season?

There isn't a brand new mount for Season 3, but you can still earn the mounts that were available during Season 2.

is Chimaera Shot for marksman hunters gone?

Currently, yes. It's a talent choice for BM, where it fits better thematically. Still considering whether MM should have it.

how about Scatter Shot coming back at legion? fits marksman cc right?

Marksmanship has a new ability: Bursting Shot. Short range cone attack which knocks enemies away. It's a "get away from me" option.

In Legion, MM and BM hunters have no traps. Can we expect a similar technique to Explosive trap with glyph (it is really fun)?

MM has Bursting Shot for similar functionality. BM doesn't have a knockback. Sometimes NOT having all the toys is more interesting.

Will there be a casting focus generator talent option for marks like steady or focusing shot?

Not planned at the moment. Arcane Shot is instant and generates Focus, which fills that spot well.

Any chance Harpoon can be switched from a Charge to a Death Grip? The latter makes way more sense.

No. Death Grip is iconic to Death Knights, and our goal is to make classes more unique.

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