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is aimed shot still able to be cast on the move?

No, but that's partially offset by its faster cast time, less frequent use, and the return of Arcane Shot.

my only concern is how punishing survival might be when losing the mongoose bite buff

Mongoose stacks aren't something you maintain. Their stacking encourages you to pool them, then use as many as you can.

flanking strike is basically kill command? Love everything else, that caught me up a little

That tooltip was slightly outdated. Flanking Strike causes you and your pet to attack at the same time.

what weapon will survival use during the pre expansion patch when all the system changes go in but we dont have our artifacts?

Not to worry! A suitable weapon will be provided.

Bit of conflicting info. Darkmoon Faire Q&A made it sound like Disc. was losing PW:S, blog shows it as a spell. Is it staying?

Discipline still has Power Word: Shield, but it will have a 6-second cooldown, to reduce spamminess.

unclear in the blog: is insanity capped at 100, is void form toggleable?

Yes, Insanity is capped at 100. Voidform is automatically activated, not toggled.


Sounds like you may enjoy the fact that you're forced to speak Shath'yar - the language of the Old Gods - while in Voidform.

how long is the atonement buff supposed to be?

Currently 15 seconds, with a talent available to extend that to 20 seconds.

No mention of Holy Nova. Is it gone?

The current plan is for Holy Nova to be Holy's method of dealing AoE damage.

I hope that Shadow talents will contain several options to control Insanity (When you enter, leave early, stay in longer, etc.)

Anything can change, but we currently have 8 different talents that relate to Insanity.

I assume the order of magnitude of certain words in the blog is: Absolutely Massive > Huge > Strong > Moderate > Minor?

Yep! We tried to pick words that gave that impression. Hope it came through as clear as possible!

Love the Holy Priest redesign. Hope for fun smiting talents to go with it. Does Holy Word: Sanctify replace Circle of Healing?

We're currently considering talent options that bring back Circle of Healing, or something similar.

Insanity shares some of the pre-WoD eclipse problem. Idea: Remove damage buff, make it about max. DoT extension/Haste Buff.

You'll be able to return to Voidform very quickly, thanks to the Haste from your previous Voidform persisting for 20 seconds.

Just reading priest blog and unless im mistaken PoH group restriction appears gone. Is that so ( *crosses fingers* :D )

Indeed! We're trying a different targeting method for Prayer of Healing, which makes it more localized instead of group-based.

will solo healing 5-mans be inherently more difficult for discipline due to the changes in legion?

We'll be making sure that Discipline is still able to heal dungeons comfortably.

In Legion, will Shadow Mend overhealing still trigger the DoT? Basically, is it possible for it to be a net loss?

Nope! Only the effective healing will turn into a DoT.

I like the general feel of the rotations, but what about the CCs? Are they being baked into Talents? PVP Prestige?

The blogs are only covering core combat abilities. There will still be baseline CC, and potentially more via talents and PvP.

Still trying to figure out how they want Mongoose Bite to be used. How can you get 6 stacks in 3.5s with the GCD?

The duration is refreshed with each use. You'll want to alternate Mongoose Bite and other abilities, to proc more Mongoose charges

"for an absolutely massive amount". #winning

A crit Holy Word: Serenity is basically a full heal. We think that qualifies as "absolutely massive."

Hey guys, have you considered making mana scale again like it used to? And not a base amount that never changes?

We want to make sure that mana remains a meaningful constraint throughout the expansion. Gear is not likely to scale mana pools.

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