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is atonement a buff that gets renewed or extended? for example, casting plea 2x in a row on same target = 15 sec or 30?

It gets renewed. We're considering having it behave similar to DoT effects, which have some leeway on when you refresh.

reading the disc changes, is weakened soul being removed? or just not mentioned?

The current plan is to remove Weakened Soul.

Will Holy Priest have an AoE damage spell, since Mind Sear is now out? (Holy Nova seems like the obvious solution)

Holy Nova is, in fact, the current plan! All healers will have some capacity to damage multiple targets.

With classes being reworked, will we have more abilities on our bars, less, or around the same amount?

For many specs, the answer will be "either less or more, depending on which talents you pick."

For alts, will there be a way to just take all passive talents?

Nearly every talent row will have a passive option.

Concerning the fire changes, what about spreading Living Bomb/Pyro DoT? I loved seeing groups of mobs explode =(

Hot Streaked Pyroblasts and Flamestrikes create a larger Ignite, instead of their own DoT. Ignite spreads on its own, and Living Bomb is spreadable via Inferno Blast.

Was just curious about how fast the drain is-it will always be greater, at least to some degree, than our ability to generate?

At first, the Voidform drain is slower than you can generate Insanity, but it ramps up over time, draining faster and faster.

Disc's 70/30 - how will healing be competitive without damage being significant. Guaranteed Disc raid spot still exists?

Those were just off-the-cuff examples. Goal is that they provide respectable damage and healing, and we'll iterate as necessary.

Frost mage: Will we still have Icy Veins and will it give Haste ?

Yep, and yep.

Clarification: we've been experimenting with several different base Focus regen rates. Currently it's 10/sec.

If mastery increases your maximum mana, but spells still use X% of your mana, mages aren't gaining anything, clarity please?

Spell costs are a % of BASE mana. The costs don't increase with Mastery.

Is Frostfire Bolt gone? Very valuable in PvP. Sad to see Icicles sticking around, really don't like it. Shatter mastery pls.

For those who dislike Icicles, we currently have a talent planned that will replace them with a new active ability.

When it says ignite "may" spread to nearby targets, what does that actually mean?

Every 2 sec., one of your Ignites (chosen at random) will spread to a random other target within 5yd that has a weaker/no ignite.

On the usefull(less)ness of the Mastery Insanity Generation Increase:

Voidform doesn't stop your abilities from generating Insanity. Mastery will allow you to maintain Voidform longer/stronger.

Now that all runes are the same do they regen like they did in wotlk or live?

Neither. There's a new regen mechanic, which will be explained in the Death Knight class preview tomorrow.

Will Holy Word: Serenity still apply a crit buff, as it does currently?

No. The spell is now entirely focused into being a very large instant heal.

there is no mention of Divine Aegis in the priest blog, is it going to be gone?

Yes. The number of absorbs (especially passive ones, such as Divine Aegis and Illuminated Healing) is being heavily reduced.

So @WarcraftDevs how viable will leveling as Discipline be in Legion? I love Disc and don't want to go away from it to even level.

The goal is for healing specs to be fully viable for solo questing outdoors.

Super excited to see how Artifacts are coming along. Cannot wait to spew feedback during Beta :) -- Cap on Artifact per week?

There are some caps on spending deep in to prevent potential hard grinding. We'll have more details to share later.

On the warrior blog coming this week, will it be discussed why their artifacts were chosen to all be swords. No axes or hammers?

We went with swords for wider appeal, but there's a variant we haven't shown yet that you might like.

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