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are you able to say if MM hunters can still summon a pet at all in legion? I like being petless but pet tank is convenient

They currently have a "Dark Ranger" talent which has a chance to summon an undead minion. That minion can also tank.

will mastery % affect the chance that [Ignite] will spread?

A random Ignite will spread every 2 seconds. No further chances.

how many soul shards do each of the Warlock specs have and are there ways to regen them out of combat? Also is life tap gone?

Maximum of 5 for all specs. 1 regens out of combat. There are other sources, including out of combat, in talents.

I would really like some clarification of this phrase: "and causing some demons to be favored based on the Warlock’s spec."

When all pets' damage was equal, everyone used an Imp. In Legion, each spec will slightly favor one demon for raw DPS. Affliction slightly favors Felhunters. Demonology favors Felguards, and Destruction favors Imps. Others offer strong utility.

'One of your ignites' - are they not all rolled into one any more?

They are still rolled into one on each target. You may have Ignite on multiple targets, though.

I like everything I see. Will we still keep our green fire?

Green Fire is staying. Don't worry.

Can you clarify the "limit 1" on Havoc's description? Limit 1 what?

You may only place Havoc on one target at a time. That matters when it's improved via talents.

is there ANY justifiable reason to keep CB as shadow damage, not as chaos damage?

We'd actually be interested in hearing discussion on this, after clearing up a common misconception: Chaos damage does NOT inherently bypass shields/immunity. Interrupting it would lock ALL schools. Still want that?

Is Affliction's Haunt ability gone? Also I'd like to hear more about Affli/Destro AoE.

Haunt is returning as a talent, with a slightly different design. Stay tuned for details.

I'd prefer if all demons were buffed, so I don't have to track which are my most powerful 3 and when are they about to despawn.

Then you'll be quite interested in the Power Trip talent, which does exactly that!

most of the temporary demons are also alive only for 12 sec. What if I have a strong demon that's going to despawn in 2 sec?

Managing when to cast Demonic Empowerment will be a key part of mastering Demonology gameplay.

Wheres FnB [and Shadowburn]? I hope it's still here, because if not that new talent won't save the day for destruction.

Shadowburn is a talent, with improved usability. Fire and Brimstone is a talent that passively makes Incinerate AoE.

Warlocks look great. Concerns for spec loyalty being a goal tho. It will take some AOE talents for AFF to not get overshadowed

There's a particularly interesting talent that makes Seed of Corruption apply as an AoE, but cost a soul shard. Pop pop pop!

Single-Target Base SoulShard generation for Destro looks slow. 2 every 16 sec + low RNG on Immo. Talents for more?

Indeed, there are several talents that deal with Soul Shards.

what does 'Your Destruction spells deal up to x% additional damage, randomly' mean? how does that work?

Mastery provides a damage bonus to those spells, but it's a random % increase, up to the (very high) Mastery %. The frequency of your attacks will quickly smooth out the RNG element, but it's always possible you might prefer other stats.

How do Warlocks regen Mana in Legion? Life Tap? Stuff like the initial Affliction Artifact Talent? Both?

Yes, all Warlocks will use Life Tap in Legion.

...So how effective is Drain Life really going to be,too much of a PvP liability

We're very conscious of this concern. The good thing is that we can add customization and tuning via Legion PvP systems.

I'm curious why some times class consistency is good (soul shards) and other times its not (holy power)

Great question! It's important that the resource itself has strong fantasy, and that it also brings strong gameplay.

Artifact transmog: will we be able to, eg. mog Icebringer different from Soulreaper? Sorry if already answered, haven't seen.

Yes, mainhand and offhand will remain separately transmogrifiable.

Will artifacts be transmoggable between weapon types? ie fist weapons transmogged to maces?

You will be able to transmogrify your Artifact to look like a different weapon, following the normal transmog rules.

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