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“buffs up to three of your active pets” does that mean that Demo can have multiple different demon types up?

It can affect your primary demon pet, Infernal or Doomguard, Grimoire of Service pets, Dreadstalkers, and Wild Imps.
11/09/2015 03:37 PMPosted by Lore

When it says ignite "may" spread to nearby targets, what does that actually mean?

Every 2 sec., one of your Ignites (chosen at random) will spread to a random other target within 5yd that has a weaker/no ignite.

Update to this, based on feedback: every 2 sec, *each* of your Ignites will spread.

do bone shield still have an internal cooldown for triggering charges?

Yes, still one second.

How does Void Form's Haste Buff work if i enter Void Form instantly via Oblivion? Reset, Stack further, new Stack?

When Voidform ends, you get a buff that provides the Haste from that Voidform for 20 sec. It stacks with the next Voidform.

It seems implied from the blog, but is Fulmination is entirely gone as it stands?

Not as "Fulmination", but the mechanic still exists through building up high Maelstrom and spending it using Earth Shock.

No shared shock CD is nice, but I don't think that will do enough to resolve the empty time while moving problems.

Note that Shocks have no cooldowns at all now - including Flame Shock.

Can you go into depth about how you are shifting Resto to more targeted heals instead of Chain Heal spam?

Mostly by simply making the direct heals more competitive, but also by ensuring mana remains relevant throughout the expansion.

Overload's 75% damage & Maelstrom generation means LB Overloads = 11.25 Maelstrom generated?


No mention of Earthquake, is it gone?

Nope, it's still there, as an AoE-focused Maelstrom spender. The blogs are just only listing core combat abilities.

Will Enhance have a way to pull targets at range? No 30 yard reach on lightning bolt now

Enhancement still has Lightning Bolt for exactly this purpose. It's just not part of your core rotation.

Do the Windfury attacks trigger Maelstrom Weapon?

Yes, Windfury attacks will trigger Maelstrom Weapon.

Rockbiter without a cooldown? Just curious.

Correct, there is no cooldown on Rockbiter.

ele is meant to spam flameshock while moving? If we use a maelstrom enhance flameshock then another one will it reduce the DOT

Recasting Flame Shock will never shorten the DoT.

any info on healing as elemental or enhancement? will it cost maelstrom? or maybe build it?

Healing Surge will cost Maelstrom for both Elemental and Enhancement.

Could we get an example of reliable Enhancement AOE in Legion? Would appreciated.

Enhancement has a new frontal-cone AoE spell called Crash Lightning, which also causes Stormstrike and Lava Lash to trigger AoEs.

Any details on the negative effects on Enhance shamans that hit Maelstrom cap?"They must be careful not to let it overflow"

That line is simply referring to the potential to accidentally waste it by overflowing. No other negative effects.

I don't see it mentioned, but is Searing Totem still a core part of Enhancement Shamans "maintenance" buffs or was it removed?

Searing Totem wasn't really providing compelling gameplay, so it's been removed in Legion.

Will there be anything (like a talent) for the Resto Shamans that do enjoy the Chain Heal spam?

Yes, there are talent options that buff Chain Heal and let you focus on it more heavily.

should do like Flame shock and make [Healing Surge] a "0-20" type deal so we can cast lesser heals out of combat etc.

That's currently the plan, in fact!

Did I read correctly that Fury *takes* 30% more dmg while Enraged?

Correct. Being Enraged reduces your defenses. However, that's offset by a much higher max health, and very high self-healing. We'll tune this as needed to ensure that Fury Warriors are not a liability. 30% may not be the correct number.

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