Rant Time: I hate FFXIV

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And it seems no one else does...

Let me clear up some things as well:

1. I have been a Final Fantasy fan for a very long time. I brought FF7 when it came out and it was the first jrpg I ever beat. The first I ever played was Phantasy Star IV. Since then I've played and beaten all the snes, psx and -most- of the ps2 titles. Did not like 13 at all, didn't feel like Final Fantasy but a crappy turn based Devil May Cry simulator with characters I did not like one bit.

2. Brought and ordered many of the Final Fantasy OSTs in the past.

3. I am not bothered by the asian aesthetic mainly attributed to Japanese and Korean games. My first mmorpg was Ragnarok Online and part of why I loved it so much was the aesthetics and style of the game. Enjoyed the gameplay too.

So yeah, I'm not your typical "hurrrr FFXIV sucks because its anime and I don't get it!!!" troglodyte.

I played and tried FFXIV for about 4 months, got several character classes to cap even. I enjoyed the game decently for awhile because I was taking a break from WoD but then played again and realized...yeah I enjoyed WoW a lot more.

You may be ready to post: Well that's great, OP but no one cares, go back to playing WoW.

Yeah, you would be right..but I'm ranting because I'm sick of having it shoved down my throat about how I'm "wrong" for still liking WoW and how FFXIV is the future by people I know. Its constant and none of them are even at level cap. They talk about how FF14 does this and this better than WoW or "How can you even GO BACK TO WOW AFTER THE REVOLUTION THAT IS FFXIV?"

ITs kind of like when everyone raves about that one movie or album you thought was decent, not terrible but eventually people don't shut up about how its the best thing ever and how YOUR OPINION IS TOTALLY WRONG, SHILL, YOU'RE A SHILL WITH STOCKHOLM SYNDROME..BOW DOWN TO THE GENIUS THAT IS YOSHI-P.

You end up hating said thing in the end after barrages of that.

Sorry...I'm just irritated now.
I bought the Heavensward collector's edition for PC and the regular expansion for PS4 hoping it would bring me back into the game, but it was a complete waste of money for me. I think I got to level 52 or 53 before I just stopped logging in. After almost 2 months of doing nothing I canceled my subscription. Final Fantasy XI is a better game than Final Fantasy XIV (in my humblest of opinions) so I figured why not just play it instead.
09/12/2015 09:31 AMPosted by Mordrid
I bought the Heavensward collector's edition for PC and the regular expansion for PS4 hoping it would bring me back into the game, but it was a complete waste of money for me. I think I got to level 52 or 53 before I just stopped logging in. After almost 2 months of doing nothing I canceled my subscription. Final Fantasy XI is a better game than Final Fantasy XIV (in my humblest of opinions) so I figured why not just play it instead.

I heard FF11 was super grindy but I really wish I had gotten into it when it was a thing. The classes and overall design of the game look more close to what Final Fantasy is.

The worst part for me right now is that my rl best friend who I use to play WoW with started FF14 a few weeks ago. I made the mistake of saying "Yeah sure I'll heal for you in low dungeons" so I'll play WoW for awhile then a few times a week he'll ask me to log in to play with him.

The first time I was like, "Yeah sure" but it felt so daunting going from WoW's system to the 2.5 GCD among other things. Doesn't help that despite "loving" the game he hardly does any story questing and hasn't unlocked any new dungeons outside of Copperbell and Satasha. He's 24-25..wtf. I gave him links to guides on the FFXIV wiki and told him multiple times where the stuff unlocked but his excuse is always "Sorry, I'm really busy, no time to read through that.".

I'm always really nice about it because he's been my friend forever but urgh..whenever we run stuff it goes super slow. At first I didn't think much of it but then I ran my parser for giggles and he was doing less dps than me spamming stone outside of cleric stance.

He quit WoW due to "being disgusted with it and its players" and having no time for mmos but I really hope he quits FFXIV soon too. He's no stranger to video games and is very into fighters and other stuff but its almost like he decides not to get any better at mmorpgs when I try to help him out of spite. He's content just jamming his autoattack and 1-2 skills because its fun and "mindless".

Like, he thinks its below him to try in pve because he plays most games against real people. Its annoying.
It was an ok game.

The boss fights were flashy and fun but that's all I really liked about it.

People say the story is really good for a MMO, but the problem is it's really mediocre compared to other decent RPGs.

I got to 53 and was so bored by the combat and side questing to level up I wound up just youtubing all the cut scenes and I am glad I didn't spend all the time doing side quests just to see them.
09/12/2015 03:51 PMPosted by Paeldryth
It was an ok game.

The boss fights were flashy and fun but that's all I really liked about it.

People say the story is really good for a MMO, but the problem is it's really mediocre compared to other decent RPGs.

I got to 53 and was so bored by the combat and side questing to level up I wound up just youtubing all the cut scenes and I am glad I didn't spend all the time doing side quests just to see them.

Yeah, that first statement defines how I completely feel about FFXIV.

Its dreadfully boring leveling other classes too once you run out of the story quests because the sidequests really suck and its best to just hop straight into fates and dungeon spam. The North Thanalan FATE grind killed a lot of the game for me. That and Coerthas.

I dunno, I know if I keep insulting the game people are going to come in very defensive for it and insult me, always happens, but I'll just go out and say I respect that people love the game..it just isn't for me and I don't get the luster.

I just wanted to rant and get all of that out of my system.
Usually you can avoid those "OMG FFXIV" confrontations if you don't go looking for them.
I'm still enjoying the game greatly. I'm not rushing anything, just experimenting with various classes and professions and enjoying it.

I do find it funny how the most hardcore profession seems to be the cooking profession:

Friend: "You've leveled cooking a bit, right?"
Me: "Yeah, what do you need?"
Friend: "Got any stat food for Gathering? I think Apple Tarts are for that. Can you make me some?"
Me: "Sure! No problem!"

Apple Tarts are hard, hard work. Six ingredients, three of which involve preliminary preparation with OTHER ingredients and base materials before usable. And this is just a level 18 recipe.
For me it was a great MMO until I got my WHM and all crafting/gathering classes capped. Once that was done it went from great to the most boring Final Fantasy I've ever played. I wanted to get my crafting/gathering classes to 60 but I just wasn't logging in, so it wasn't worth the subscription cost.

For what it's worth FFXI isn't near as grindy anymore, but the learning curve is probably too steep for most new players.
09/13/2015 04:23 PMPosted by Mordrid
For what it's worth FFXI isn't near as grindy anymore, but the learning curve is probably too steep for most new players.

I feel like FFXI would be more popular today if not for the archaic and slow battle system. That's just my 2 cents.

Also, yeah the learning curve thing. I made a black mage and had no idea what was going on after the intro cinematic.

took me what felt like 10 years to find the graphics and ui settings, and 20 more to get them how i like them.

I'm still interested in getting into it, but it's so annoying
Hey, late to the party.

Let me put in my two cents:

FF14 didn't captivate me as much as WoW did/is. Coming back after nearly a decade (while continuing to watch the game evolve via videos online), I can say that World of Warcraft's Legion has impressed me more than anything Final Fantasy had to offer.

The system is incredibly grindy, with far too much emphasis on solely leveling up... for the sake of leveling up. Sure, go ahead and hate on Blizzard for giving us automatic Level 100 characters, but I'd take that any day over having to spend L I T E R A L L Y months trying to unlock abilities that shouldn't take more than a few hours in most other MMO games.

As for story, I've complained about Metzen's recent work but it pales in comparison to Final Fantasy's rehashed trash. It's the same generic storytelling we've come to expect from Square, once again force fed through the lens of an MMO.

All in all, WoW is still the best MMO on the market.
I have played and enjoyed, or better tried hard to enjoy, FF14 for quite a while. It has very good graphics, and there are spectacular things, like the city of Limsa Lominsa.
But in the end, I realised that most of the time I was logged in FF14 I was not actually PLAYING. I was waiting. Waiting for the darn zones to load (whenever you enter a zone it must be loaded, and it may take long), waiting for hours of non-iteractive movie content to play, waiting for the unsufferable 2.5 seconds of global cooldown in combat. And, if you think Legion is grindy, my bet is you haven't played FF14 much.
However, I snailed my way along for all the time of "vanilla" FF14. The world, at least, was gorgeous, though strangely you can't enter any body of water, let alone swim. Then the Heavensward expansion came, and as it often happens broke the game for me. The new zones are drab and depressing, with grey being the dominant colour, and ruins everywhere. And when you have seen your first thousand islands in the sky, you have seen far too many.
Playing Legion is fun. I actually play a game, rather than watching a long movie with some interactive moments. And the sheer joy of having a character who actually does something whenever I press the buttons!
I feel you, man. I bought ARR some months before Legion dropped at the behest of a buddy of mine who knew I was experiencing WoW burnout. I can't say I disliked the game; it was fun, and the free company I found myself in was really nice and full of some awesome people. But at the end of the day it didn't have the same power that WoW has. I guess it's because I've put a lot more time into WoW.

I still talk to my free company, though. They're legit.
meh I like it, PVP is bad but pve is fun. Story is slow as all hell to move but meh Its an MMo look at wow we move like 1 MM an XPac in story half the time. (warlords was 1 Quarter of a MM of you ask me)

I play both games and like both....sadly FFXIV feels like a copy of wow in game play, just not as smooth. 1 thing I always give to blizzard is they make things run right. They may be all over the place in other areas but Damn That smooth game play....It wonderful.
I'm loving FFXIV, I find it's a breath of fresh air after playing WoW for so long.

What I like most:

No wPvP. Devs waste no effort on this crap, and don't seem to be putting a lot of effort into the "arena" PvP aspect either. Good!

Slower game play. To be fair? I like faster game play too, but I don't "Need" it. Who needs fast game play? Overly competitive people. Slowing down the combat drives these people nuts and keeps them away. Good!

No "Faction vs. Faction" system! Everyone is an ally. The "bad guys" are all npcs and npc factions within the 3 city states. It's "Civilization against the forces of darkness."

I'm not a "Murder hobo!" No one has asked my kill those otherwise peaceful villagers because of some vague claim.

Is there some schlock in the story? Ok, yes. But it doesn't just outright contradict itself to support "game play decisions" that all seem to be centered around PvP between the factions.

What's driving me away from Wow? The constant PvP competition, even on PvE realms. Even when there's no combat involved, you go to tag a mob? Opps! Some Horde clown tagged it first! Also, the RNG on RNG driven, exponential power curve gearing system that is too interwoven with the spells.

Another thing I haven't seen in FFXIV? Diabolically created terrain specifically designed to make you tear your hair out. You can see the settlement you want to go to, It's right over there! And you can just run right to it! ... you might have to dodge a FATE that's in the way, but meh.
The biggest issue I had with FFXIV was how dungeons / raids were gated behind quests and it wasn't always obvious where they were at. I had a lot of difficulty finding the appropriate dungeons and raids I needed. Admittedly I rushed through the game but I have never had this issue with WoW and it's the biggest complaint I have about FFXIV. Beyond that, the GCD's are a little longer than I care for and the fighting seems to be a little slower paced because of it.
Final Fantasy XIV is a great MMO except for 2 very big issues for me:

* If your friends play on Gilgamesh or Balmung the game basically costs you an extra 25$ because the only way to get a new character on the server without staying up until 5AM on maintenance days is to buy a character transfer.

* The main story requires dungeons, which is OK by itself but they put long voiced story cutscenes in the middle of dungeons, so you get that constant struggle between the new players that want to view cutscenes and the veterans who want a speed run. If you skipped a cutscene you can see it later but it's not the same if you're not in the dungeon.

Point #2 ultimately made me quit the game because the story and the fact that I was my own FF character was an important driver for me and it was ruined by the toxicity of a few (and I must say very few) players, but it only takes a few to ruin it all.

Other than that though FFXIV really is a great MMO and I wish Blizzard took a few pages from their books. There was so many good ideas in that MMO.
I played FFXIV for 3 years and it was my first mmo. I just started with wow Legion and I am really enjoying it because of all the end game options.

What made me leave the game was that after Heavensward launched everything started going down hill.

Every 3 months a content patch is added to the game. It sounds amazing but many of these patches added dead game modes to the game. The Dev team has a hard time keeping players engaged in content through just bad design/no testing and low funding on SE's part because its all going to the new FF game coming out.

When a patch dropped I hurried to get whatever mount or minion that the content offered because it would be dead in a few weeks. Diadem, a instanced zone, was the first big content patch to just flop after a month upon release. It is currently dead content and is scheduled for a revamp because no one does it.

I also left the game because I do enjoy PVP content in games on the side. The Dev team is really concentrated in making PvP good in FFXIV. I question their choices though because Ranked matches do not allow pre made groups yet still suffer from a win trading problem since no one does pvp. You have to pray you get good random people for ranked PvP. Its just crazy. They just added a instanced dueling mode to the game a few weeks ago as well despite a real lack of interest in it. Not to mention your Grand Company (3 of them) is your faction so it affects your wait times for PvP because if you are in the heavily populated one you will have wait times from 30mins to over an hour for battlegrounds. People have begged the devs to take off the whole faction thing but they said no.

As for endgame, you are limited in how you progress. You can do high end savage raiding for gear, a normal mode raid version of it, and then run very easy dungeons for gear currency. 90% of the player base just does the gear currency which in 6 months another patch adds a new currency to grind for. However, you can skip the currency grind after 3 months and catch up with gear from the new 24 man raid. A lot of people who play the game just sub for one month out of the three because of how the gear treadmill is designed. After 3 years its just stale.

Also the game world is dead since other than gathering or beast tribe stuff there is no reason to go out. You stand in one spot and use the duty finder over and over. They have fate events on the map going on but its faster to level with dungeons than doing them.

Maybe wow is just my cup of tea. I enjoy the many options it gives me. Plus addons are amazing!

Like to add: I have heard and seen of Blizzard responding with concern to when people unsub from wow with a survey on why to enhance their game. I have also seen emails where blizzard has offered some free services to older wow players who are thinking of leaving. The lead Dev of FFXIV just said in a recent interview that if you are bored of the game unsub and play something else! Well here I am. Amazing what a difference. Seems like Blizzard wants customer loyalty when someone else doesn't lol
After hearing so much praise for the game I decided to give it a try. About 2 hours in I logged off and uninstalled. It feels so poorly polished and everything is just so needlessly drawn out. It felt like the "this is how you click on something" tutorial stuff lasted forever, and I just wanted to try out combat and see what it was like.

I also felt like the UI was extremely lacking, and provided very little useful information, and ended up just being cluttered.

So you're not alone.
It's fun and besides the fact that you can optimally play with a controller in it, it feels like a Single Player RPG with the occasional queue that you do while doing other things and sidequesting. Which isn't bad.

It's pretty fun, but, honestly it's marred by a few issues...

Firstly, the game starts feeling like the "50s slog" in WoW once you get near Level 30-- I don't like the pace of leveling.
It's slower than the story [questing will not keep pace] and then the story is tied to your level, so you get caught in a catch-22. It really sucks having to grind up hunts just to get to the right level just to keep on with the story, which is not only required to be finished to do anything later on [or most things at all anyway] but it's also the largest factor in how you level. [This, really, is part of what causes the 50's slog in WoW, besides the couple zones in that range just being complete !@#]

That doesn't happen in WoW. You won't run out of quests for the most part.

The other issue is that at 30, your class becomes nigh useless, you need to "promote"... and that means putting EVERYTHING on hold, while you go off, pick up your secondary and then go punch cactus for days while you level THAT just to get back to what you were doing in the first place, and since you need to get story done, you're literally just grinding since the class quests aren't carrying you anywhere, and if you try to do story, you'll either thin-out your EXP and get stuck in the hole [and have to grind], or simply be too low level to even go near your story, or hell, even the "random quests in the zone".

The game's fairly good, but it comes off as way too sloggy and it makes it hard to even keep playing after a while.

Multiclassing makes the game EXTREMELY alt-unfriendly too. Although, if you look at the "Single Player RPG with MMO Aspects" of FFXIV, one could potentially consider each character an entire "Save File" as it were, so it is what it is.

That said, I will say the combat is good, and the fact that they use LFR for full on Raid content, instead of Tourist Mode is awesome. [and the AoE warnings of FFXIV beat the $%^ off WoW's any day of the week]
I quit playing ff14 when I realized theres no actual difficult content outside of raids. They have dungeons that have "Hard" on them, but theyre no more difficult than their "normal" counterpart. Its almost insulting. I also quit because they trinkle out a tiny bit of a content that expect to keep you occupied and entertained for several months. They actually have more fluff content than actual things to do. I'm not going to pay 15 dollars a month to play dress up.

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