Lessons From An Addict--An Essay On WoW!

After playing Warcraft for 9,000 hours I wanted to share some of the lessons I learned from it. The essay, too long to post here (about 25 pages) begins by following the story of my guilds from vanilla through Cataclysm. But I wrote it because there are so many lessons from Warcraft, particularly raid and guild leading, that can applied to real life. These lessons are in the middle and end, mixed in with random tips on human psychology, leading raids, and how to increase game performance. I assume the reader knows the basics of raiding in an MMO, but everything else is explained. The essay is located here:


(Posted on an alt to keep the focus on the essay.)

For the most part I wrote this when I was bored at work out of benevolence for fellow raiders and raid leaders, but I am kind of in the market for a new guild or toying with the idea of creating a new one.

I'd love to hear any feedback! The best way to get a hold of me is to post here but the anonymous email I created to post this is vanillawowplayer2@gmail.com

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