Is your name a reference?

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Its a name save for my future DH.
I wanted the name Endora because she was Samantha Stevens sassy Mother on the TV show "Bewitched". However, Endora was taken :( so I settled for Eindora, which I think is pronounced the same?

I just think its fitting because my character is a witch of sorts (warlock) and I'm an old sassy lady LOL!
When I go Disc, yes.... :)
Lillidod = Danish for "little death"
Yes. Mine's a planet in Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. Phaaze was the source of all Phazon, a corruptive blue material the spread and caused horrible but powerful mutations in anything that didn't outright die to it.. Fitting name for a Death Knight that's all about corruption and has some blue spells.
Sort of, i made this name in a book back in grade school, I've seen multiple people with it and i wonder how they came up with it. i guess i just wasn't a very original fantasy thinker back then ( it was a very Very cliche story)
Christmas (insert name)
Alim or Neira Surana. Elven Magi origin from Dragon Age: Origins. (The best one!) ^^
No. It's a mix of my actual name with my sister's actual name; my other high-level character's name is a mix of mine and my son's.
Nope. But after WoW since I made so many friends all my rooms were/are named Keyalios... Sometimes with a last name. Didn't think I was coming back.
Most of mine are references to old school football or basketball players. Some, like this one, are movie characters, although this is just a placeholder for future use.
not even
It's a name I took from my old character from SWG. Other than that, no. A couple other characters are references to stuff. I've got references to SWG, Star Wars and SC2. If I make any more characters, they'll probably be inspired by/blatantly taken from Overwatch.
Sort of
Yes it means sexy female Panderan's call me. Gadon#1161
Beware The Monarch...............
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You had the perfect opportunity to call your toon Gninja.

You're a disgrace to Gnomes.

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