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Wyrmrest Accord
Ladies and Gentlegnomes it pleases me to announce the first of our four contests in G4's Fifth Anniversary celebration! This one is designed to test your creativity!

One of the things that makes Warcraft and Guilds so special are the friendships you make. Its no different for us in G4. So to celebrate all the wonderful friendships we've made over the last five years the theme of this contest is: "Friends"


HOW TO ENTER: Submit any original creative work that can be posted or linked to here in this thread. Entries must be original, and reflect the Contest Theme as far as possible. Valid entries include but are not limited to: Written works of any length or style including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, rap, even haiku! Artwork of any type including traditional, or computer assisted. Photographs of real world arts, crafts, baked goods that were created outside of a computer. Pretty much anything goes!

Artists please note: I know how to GIS/DeviantArt too. If your submission turns up in any of my searches, I may ask you to prove that its your work.

THEME: "Friends"

DEADLINE: NOON (Realm Time) Sunday Sept 27th to be eligible for judging.

PRIZES: We have lots of gold and some adorable little Warcraft Friends for you to win! Plus each of our top three finishers will be entered into the grand prize drawing (1 in 12 chance) for a Sky Golem mount hand crafted by Yours truly!

1st Place - 5000 gold PLUS a fully trained lvl 25 Frostwolf Pup battle pet!
2nd Place - 4000 gold PLUS a fully trained lvl 25 Lost Nether Pup battle pet!
3rd Place - 3000 gold PLUS a fully trained lvl 25 Cinder Pup battle pet!

Grand Prize: Please Note the top three finishers in this contest will be entered in the drawing for the awesome Sky Golem Mount!

Horde Friends please note: This contest is open to both Horde and Alliance characters. HOWEVER if you win our Grand Prize of the Sky Golem Mount, you MUST have an Alliance character on WrA to receive the mount IN-PERSON. We cannot be responsible for smuggling such a huge prize across the faction border. Too many greedy goblins with snipy-addons.

Any questions about the contest ask away! We have even bigger contests coming! Stay tuned.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
Time to bump this back up to the top for Visibility!

Also a little bit of editing to reflect the new schedule. My PC took a dive hard and I was locked outta the game for three weeks. Repaired now and time to award some prizes soon.

- Forbs
"For Creativity!"
Six days left to enter! You can win a nice chunk of gold and a FULLY leveled adorable little Warcraft Friend of your own!

And don't forget, simply placing "in the money" on this contest makes you eligible for the drawing for the Sky Golem Mount!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
A little drawing I made of one of my Warcraft buddies: Mitten.


Don't worry though I'm ineligible to compete on account I'm the head judge =)

FIVE DAYS LEFT! Get your entries in! You could win 5k gold and if youre really lucky a Sky Golem Mount built for you by yours truly! Don't miss out!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
So far the field is wide open. No competition makes for an easy win...

Or are people holding off entering till the last minute in hopes of keeping their entry secret? We'll see!

Only four days left, and you could win a lot of gold and maybe even a sky golem mount! So don't delay getting creative! =)

- Forbs
"For Gnomergan!"
Whats this...just TWO days left and not a single entry from the creative denizens of Wyrmrest Accord?

No one needs an easy 5k gold coins to pad their coin purse in advance of the new expansion, and maybe a brand new Sky Golem flying mount to walk around in the new zones in?? =)

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
Here's my entry into the contest:

hope I'm not too late!
08/22/2015 10:14 PMPosted by Forbidra
DEADLINE: NOON (Realm Time) Friday Sept 27th to be eligible for judging.


Wait, y'all meant tomorrow, right? Sunday?
09/26/2015 11:05 AMPosted by Vandrysse
08/22/2015 10:14 PMPosted by Forbidra
DEADLINE: NOON (Realm Time) Friday Sept 27th to be eligible for judging.


Wait, y'all meant tomorrow, right? Sunday?

Yes Sunday by noon. Sorry must have been insufficiently caffeinated at the time =)

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan Forever!"
09/25/2015 01:43 PMPosted by Dunnedin
Here's my entry into the contest:

hope I'm not too late!

Entry accepted! Congratulations youre currently in a one-way tie for First, Second and Third Place! =)

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan Forever!"
My Friends

March with me, my friends!
Stand fast, hold strong, the Scourge army descends
We fight until dawn.

Come with me, my friends!
Our ranks are firm, our swords are sharp, prepare
Steady, now we wait.

Stand with me, my friends!
Ceaseless tides before us, today we fight
Rotten are their claws.

Fight with me, my friends!
Clad in armor black, blade a brilliant blue
Mockery of knights.

Die with me, my friends!
Necrotic flame ignites, we are scoured
Our slumber denied.

I stand here today
What drives me now is revenge.
Set right what went wrong.

The rotten sea parts
Darkness strides forth, history will now change
This is our last fight.

My blade wreathed in blue
Mirror of our end. Arise once again
Come to me, my friends!
I'm a Druid, what can I say?


Happy Anniversary!
Two more excellent entries! As the dwarves are fond of saying this week: "Keep em coming!!" You have until NOON.

I might leave the door a little longer, but certainly no later than 2-3PM as I need to have time to judge each entry carefully, and I need to get ready for the Pet Battle Championships no later than 5PM.

Remember in ADDITION to the gold and pets being awarded in this contest, each winner will be entered in the exclusive drawing for the Sky Golem mount!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan Forever!"
A man possessed, his birth a weight.
A spirit malevolent, his intentions impure.
Fate melded man and spirit.
Darkness reigned.
A man possessed, his birth a weight.
A spirit malevolent, his intentions impure.
A king dies.
Ok its 1 o'clock I'm closing the door here for entries. Time to do a bit of scoring and I'll be back with some winners!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan Forever!"
Ok I ruminated upon all the entries received over a steaming hot cup of Chicken Noodle Soup ala Forbs.

Unlike our other Gnomish contests this one does not lend itself to numerical scoring and strict rules. This was by design. I hoped to lure some of WrA's famously creative folks out of the shadows and give them an open field to play in. So I judged each work on two criteria: How well it reflected the contest theme of "Friends" and how well the work connected with me emotionally.

4th Place - Sorry Chei, but you finished out of the money. I really liked your poem, it was skillfully written, and strongly evoked the legend of Arthas. That said however it did not reflect the theme of the contest at all. Had you made reference to any of Arthas' friends such as Jaina, Uther, or even Invincible I would have scored it much higher.

3rd Place - Dunnedin's story of Friendship under fire! The story obviously reflected the theme of the contest well, but I was rather hoping there would be more to the relationship between the two characters than just a rivalry between snipers. Still it was good enough to win 3rd Prize! So 3000 gold and a fully trained lvl 25 Cinder Pup battle pet is yours! Grats!

2nd Place - Cedarmoone's wonderfully photoshopped screenie made me smile. Yes, spending time with imaginary friends can be just as enjoyable as real ones =) As visually oriented person myself, I appreciated not only your obvious PS skillz but also your whimsical design, cropping and composition. I've seen countless photoshopped WoW screenies, but never one like this. Well done! You take 2nd place! Please accept 4000 gold and a fully grown lvl 25 Lost Nether Pup Pet as your new friend!

1st Place - Ritze shows us that even Death Knights had friends once, and that they still make good use of them long after death. =) The poem was skillfully written, very evocative of the Death Knight experience, and of course fit the theme perfectly. Ritze takes 1st Prize and for their efforts will receive 5000 gold and a new lvl 25 Frostwolf Pup friend!

How To Collect Your Prize:
Please add me and contact me in-game at your earliest convenience. I would like to hand over your prizes personally, extend my thanks for entering our contest, and perhaps get a screenie with you for our guild website.

If that is not convenient simply let me know by either posting here or send me mail and I will forward your prizes via in-game mail.

PLEASE NOTE: By being one of the winners on this contest you will be automatically entered into the drawing for the Sky Golem Mount, hand made by yours truly! The winner of the Sky Golem will be chosen by random number draw tonight at our Fireworks Spectacular in Caverns of Time. Fireworks will start 8PM-ish Realm time (time is approximate after the conclusion of the Pet Battle Finals in Dalaran).

Sky Golem winner need not be present at the drawing to win! I will post the name of the winner here on the forums. Any questions give me a shout in-game or by mail! Thanks!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan Forever!"
If this was bumped more I'd have participated. Checked the forums daily and I never saw this. ;-; Rip me.
Gold will come in handy to buy more pets!

As you can probably tell, I take waaaay too many screenshots. I can't help it. The art of the game is what does it for me. And the music ( WOTLK mostly )
Funnily enough...I hadn't been to the forums in...oh -years - but for some reason, I went there, and this was the first post I looked at. It was meant to be :)

I actually don't own Photoshop. ( I wish ) That was all done on PicMonkey. I love tweaking anything I can get my hands on:)

Thanks for offering a contest to celebrate your anniversary! I love gnomes ( and goblins ....*ducks in an attempt to dodge tomatoes thrown her way* ) and wish you and your guild all the best!


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