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08/29/2015 05:21 AMPosted by Youtube
names without special characters?
None of my characters have those crazy special characters in them. And my names are for the most part just average or lame lol.
All of my characters have names without special characters. Many of the names I've had since early TBC but I can still make new toons without special characters. I suppose it helps to be on a largely dead realm, though. Probably be another story if I was on a high pop server. But even then, I can still come up with unique names without using special characters. Just might take me more tries to find one.
This is actually the proper German form of a very common name. :)
im 99.999999% sure that I am the only person with this name
...and this one is Norwegian for "You die." Without the special character, it would just mean "door."
I try to avoid using special characters at all costs. I'm the only Saranklei in all of WoW, too.

My most common character names are Taiyang, Yueliang and Scarlotte. No special characters for them on either realm they reside (Sargeras and Moon Guard).
I don't know about unique, but I have a habit of making all of my characters on the same server start with the same letter.

For example: Vashj and Frostwolf are connected servers and my Alliance characters' names all start with M. My Horde characters' names start with K.

Well, I don't use special characters. I just don't like using them.
You called?
Well, my name is the German word for "child's laugh" and I seem to be the only person on American servers with this name. It seems to be quite unpopular. Even on the EU servers there are only 3 characters with this name. And one of them is me. : /
7 with this name.

i'm the only 100
08/29/2015 05:21 AMPosted by Youtube
How unique are they?
Apparently 195 Gabbies' worth
There be only 2 Manlybeastin and they're both me so dank
08/29/2015 05:33 AMPosted by Ai

The only time I put special characters in my characters name is when it's phonetically correct

Same here... and I only have one character who has a name where the correct spelling includes a special character.
08/29/2015 10:49 AMPosted by Names
You called?
I hate alt characters. I can never mail anything or search for people with them.

I was surprised my name wasn't taken : )
Someone once told me dat Imbang means Balance, mon.

In all tings, seek Imbang, mon!
I hate special characters, but I really wanted this name but it was taken and I didn't want to settle on a ridiculous spelling.
I don't do special characters, I'll think of something else if what I wanted was taken instead of clinging to some deformed version of it.
08/29/2015 12:18 PMPosted by Surana
I don't do special characters, I'll think of something else if what I wanted was taken instead of clinging to some deformed version of it.

I wanted to do that but I am terrible at coming up with names, and I never like the randomized ones :(

The person who has my name is a level 5 orc warrior, and even if Blizzard can free the name for me I don't really want to pay $15 just to change the i
None of my characters have special symbols in their names. I don't have a fondness for people who use them in their characters' names, ranks up there with those with names like "istabuded" and "iamastabbyqt". And I have zero desire to go looking up the code to be able to figure out which one to use for a particular symbol.

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