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I think someone just made a post above me, but I can't see them.
This is the name I use for everything. I wanted only one r but that was taken.
Tbh this is a name I stole from Neopets. Someone named their pet Rauline and I loved it.
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I really really dislike those special characters. Most of my characters have pretty good names with the exception of this one lol

I actually like your name a lot :/

me too :) except i relly enjoy the special characters, i do pride myself on having a guy with none, (though i hate this guys name, everyone thinks its lime owners, but its lil meow-mers

the best name i snagged on retal was a couple weeks ago. Whitepony cantbelieve it wasnt taken, lucked out!! i just also made Æeonflux w00t
This is the only original name I have that didn't require me to butcher up the spelling or use an alt code and I'm very proud of it
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I don't do special characters, I'll think of something else if what I wanted was taken instead of clinging to some deformed version of it.

I wanted to do that but I am terrible at coming up with names, and I never like the randomized ones :(

The person who has my name is a level 5 orc warrior, and even if Blizzard can free the name for me I don't really want to pay $15 just to change the i

I never used this name before last year. What I normally used was either taken or I didn't think it fit the character. Remembered that in Dragon Age: Origins (the best one ofc) if you pick Elven Mage, the default names are either Alim (male) or Neira (female) and their shared last name is Surana. Pronounced 'Sur-ar-na' It sounded good to me when I said it out loud, I felt it fit an elf so I went with it. :) Now I use it often.
I don't like the special character names because they're basically stealing someone else's name.

If I can't think of a name that isn't taken I usually just take my real name and put a but of a spin on it
This name means "fairy" in Greek.

I also have an undead warlock named Déthlock that I named after the show when I was going through an edgelord phase and I regret it deeply.
Some of my characters have unique names and some don't. There are 23 characters named "Brahmina" according to armory as of this writing. Not unique, but not overly popular.

I'll think of a different name before I'll use special letters to fake a name. It drives me crazy to see an Eszett (German double "s") used to mean "B".

Huh. Eszett could make a good name...
Stay away!
Hey there! Odd story behind this name. Some people wanted to level characters named after the 4 main directions. Only one left was East. Obv East was taken, used "Eastt" they stopped playing, but the name grew on me and I stuck with it!
I used to throw in special characters if a name was taken. My hunter and paladin did it.

That was years ago though, I've since namechanged any toons of mine with special characters so as to not be annoyingly hard to contact or /who.

That said, its -hard- to be original with names in a game thats been around for a decade when they've only cleared unused names from the first [4?] years. Thats still 6 years of names being taken, plus any names from before that that people were still actually using, which I assume is more than zero.

It would be lovely to have a surname so we could have more freedom with our names. They could even hide the surname when you're just out in the world if thats something that would bug people. Just show the full name when you inspect them or add them, and require that the full name be used for sending mail and whispers [of course, tab would autocomplete the name anyway].

Edit: Also, special characters can absolutely be appropriate for certain names. I personally would still avoid them just for ease of contact, but if its how a name would normally be spelled, I see nothing wrong with it.

Its just when people use them to circumvent a taken name that its tacky.
Hmm I pulled this name out of thin air.BEFORE southpark made the episode with WoW where the character (name I forget) decided to play a Deathknight named Mysterion. Dang southpark stealing my names
Title: Bloodsail Admiral
Guild: Its A Trap!

No special characters used
08/29/2015 12:52 PMPosted by Mysterion
Hmm I pulled this name out of thin air.BEFORE southpark made the episode with WoW where the character (name I forget) decided to play a Deathknight named Mysterion. Dang southpark stealing my names

Oh man. I used to use the name "Kronos" as my Xbox Live Gamertag when I was younger. It obviously wasn't an original name, I definitely just ripped it off someone I saw my dad playing RISK online with, but I got -SO- much crap from people on Xbox after 'The Incredibles' came out, because the bad guy's password was "Kronos", so people thought I took it from that [despite my profile showing that I played before that movie existed]
I thought this name was taken when I typed it in. I was wrong.

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