6th Annual Running of the Gnomes!! Oct 24th!

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Running of the Gnomes is back for it’s 6th year! The “small” run will be held again October 24th, 2015 at 8pm EST on Scarlet Crusade-US.

8pm is race start time, so show up early, get a guild invite to help us headcount gnomes, get one of our super cute tabards, and meet all your fellow gnomies! Be sure to bring your S.E.L.F.I.E camera!

What is this? Gnomes? What is going on?

Running of the Gnomes will benefit the Cleveland Clinic and the creators of the Touhy Vaccine that is currently in the early stages of human clinical trials. If the drug is successful, it could be the end of breast cancer.

Back in 2009, Skakavaz and I came up with the idea to turn SeeD’s tabards pink for the month of October. It was a huge hit with our guild, and at the time, several other guilds on our server were doing similar things.

In 2010 we decided to put together a fun “little” run, with some friends and guildies where we would run from the Gnome/dwarven starting area to the end, and play some games and then have a party at the end, and raise some money for charity. We expected at most 40-50 Gnomes. 140 showed up!!

Why Gnomes? The whole idea was to raise money for breast cancer, and Gnomes were one of the few races with pink hair making it easy for everyone to rock the pink look on a low level character, and the idea of small change and a small gnomes doing big things was appealing.

Every year, we turn our tabards pink, people roll new little Gnomes, in 2013 we had about 1,000 Gnomes show up, and raised $1,305.00! in 2014 over 1,300 Gnomes came briefly causing the server to crash while we were creating the heart and surpassing our $1,500 goal.

Our goal this year yet again is $1,750 and we hope to meet or beat it!

Why Breast Cancer? There’s so many charities that do this.

October is breast cancer awareness month. We get that we’re sugar coating something that can be devastating for people with cute gnomes to open up a conversation, but for a good reason: Everyone’s been affected by cancer of some form. And breast cancer can affect our moms, sisters, girlfriends, teachers, best friends, coworkers, guildies, and something that we point out yearly, effects even the men in our lives.

One of the worst parts is that all around us there are so many people playing the game who are young who don’t even think about checking themselves, right age to be going to go get their regular mammograms and are putting them off for whatever reason. We feel even if the pink tabards or all these Gnomes remind even just one person to check themselves to get a mammogram or encourage that family member to go in to the doctor who’s been putting it off we’ve done our job for the year. Even if it’s just one person, that’s enough.

Basically it’s really hard to miss around 1,300 Gnomes doing anything, let alone 1,300 Gnomes with the same colored hair stampeding through half a continent. Hopefully we do start discussions!

But over the years, we’ve discovered that so many family members of many of the WoW community have been affected by cancer of many forms. There are people who come to the run for fathers, uncles, brothers, aunts, mothers, friends. The run is a symbol of love for those who are survivors, or those who lost a loved one.

If one person per year makes a doctor’s appointment and lives a much longer, healthier life because of all the people who show up out of love, then the run’s purpose is fulfilled.

But, just in case people miss the conversations,we’re also raising money along the way, and encouraging members of the community to open up discussion about getting screening to prevent and catch all forms of cancer.

What do I have to do to participate?

Easy! Roll a Gnome on Scarlet Crusade, give it pink hair, give it a cheeky name or a name that means something to you (We love tasteful jokes, but please nothing vulgar.) or any name at all, and on the day of the event, Tatayana and friends will give you an invite to one of our two “Racing Guilds” (Gnomies are too low to participate in raids, so this is our work around to getting a head count.) Show up early, and we’ll give you tabards, and people hanging out from various other servers.

Yet again we’ll be racing to Booby, er, Booty Bay, and if we can, this year, our goal yet again is a heart! The first year wasn’t so bad, last year was super hard, and I’m hoping this year we can fill the entire top of the roof with our heart!!

We look forward to seeing familiar faces, people from last year and the year before (did you know you can tell how long racers have been racing by their ranks in the guild?) and new people this year, to raise awareness, and to join us for this fun event! Bring your friends, bring your guild, bring your whole server!!

What's this about an after party?

Every year once the run is done, we release the Gnomes take a trip across the ocean attempt to give a lick to whoever is sitting on the throne in Orgrimmar! It’s a bit of a challenge, and results in a few visits to the spirit healer, but it’s an exciting and silly challenge at the end

What’s this about small change?

We asked guild members and other participants to donate based upon the number of Gnomes who showed up, in small change amounts. For example, people would pledge that for every Gnome that attended they would donate a penny, nickle, or dime. Some people now donate a strict fund, but some people still donate this way, and it’s fun to see just how many Gnomes we have! A few hours after the run, I’ll let you know how many Gnomes and escorts ran with us, and post it online. You can see the breakdown of the small change pledge on our blogs!

You don’t have to donate if you participate, but you’re free to donate if you’d like! The charity of choice this year is yet again the Touhy Vaccine which has made progress since last year and is starting human clinical trials.

Where can I donate?

We have a fundraising page with the Cleveland Clinic. We’ve found them to be top notch to use every year! If you have any questions, feel free to let us, or them know!

/gnomerun and chat channels.

Is our chat channel to connect all of our Gnomies. During the run we will turn off guild chat for everyone but officers. This isn’t a punishment(sometimes people think it is!).

Instead this is the best way to let everyone see important messages so everyone doesn’t get lost. /gnomerun is a place for everyone to chat the whole day and especially during the run! Especially if a lot of people fall off the tram, or get eaten by wolves, and we need to pause somewhere.

We would like to discourage the act of using /y or /s to communicate with so many of us, as it will reduce the quality of your run, and cause lag or server stability issues. /gnomerun is the best choice, or whispering people of your choice. As soon as the run is over, we officers will turn back on guild chat, and you will be able to chat in both /g and /gnomerun to your heart’s content!


Why guilds?

Low levels (below level 10) cannot join raids without a workaround script that has some trouble working reliably. Even still, 1,300 Gnomes would need over 32 raid groups. 3 guilds serves the purpose better of communicating where everyone is going, and how many people exactly we have.

Plus cute pink tabards. Who doesn't love getting an instant cute outfit?

Can you invite me cross server?

Unfortunately, no, the Gnomes are all very low levels,and the few high level helpers we are bringing are using group invites to help lost Gnomes as they can.

If I get lost/eaten/fall off/other problem on the run can someone help me?

If you ask in the chat channel /Gnomerun someone can try! Whispering me won’t get you anywhere very fast as I’m on a level 1, and cannot fly, summon or teleport you anywhere. Try finding one of the helpers and ask them! There are a a large handful of them and a whole lotta Gnomes. Don’t stress if a spirit healer visit happens!

Keep in mind, the whole idea behind winning isn’t getting there first, but simply making it to the end.

Can I level my character first or reuse my character from previous years?

Of course! We say roll a level 1, but it’s only a suggestion. You can use whatever character you would like. The character only need be on the Scarlet Crusade-Feathermoon Cluster. See the same answer about high level characters on Scarlet Crusade.

I only have a trial account, I really want to tag along, is that okay?

YES! The only thing is that you cannot join the Gnome racing guilds. That's okay though, because once the run starts, we turn off guild chat to help people not get so lost. You will still be able to tag along!

After the run just send us a message on social media with your name so we can headcount you.

I'm a Gnome on Scarlet Crusade, but I'm a high level. Do I HAVE to roll a new Gnome?

You don't have to! There are many people from the Alliance who run along protecting our Tiny Gnomes!

If you want to feel festive: maybe change your hair color to pink, dress up pretty, get on a fancy mount, or help pick up Gnomes who get lost. The transmog options are endless!! And run along with us. All of our Gnomies will appreciate the escort through the scarier parts of our trip! (Spiders, Murlocs, and Gorrillas oh my!)

If you were a Gnome and ran along and didn't join the Gnome racing guild, please send us a message on social media

Please remember, we cannot invite you cross realm.

I only have Hordies on Scarlet Crusade, and all of my character slots are full, or all of my characters on Scarlet Crusade aren't Gnomes!

We love, love, love our yearly Horde protectors! (Even if you help kill us during the after party!) Just send us a message on facebook/twitter/tumblr whatever and let us know how many of you guys are in your group! You can also roll a Gnome on Feathermoon.

Just keep in mind this is a peaceful event and try to avoid the Alliance cities like Duskwood if you belong to the Horde! (PvP happens on accident there sometimes! We promise if you get killed we didn't mean for it to happen!)

I want to help with the run!

Tell your friends! Post this on your guild website! Come to the run! Like our facebook page and share it with your friends, reblog stuff from our tumblr! Tweet about it! Spread the word! Tell everyone you know! Change your guild's tabards and tell people why!

If you have another idea you can tweet at me @Dravvie, or leave me a message here. I’m open to ideas, but I like to keep the chaos to a minimum.

Is there an EU version?

Unfortunately as of right now: not that I'm aware of. I don't have an EU account, so I don't have the ability to set up and host a run, I likely will by next year.

If you are an EU player, you can download the US trial version and run along with us through if you wish to participate!

Can I stay in the guild afterwards?

Yes! It’s not an active guild but your Gnome will be waiting for you each year, gaining a new rank for every year that they’ve been a racer in one of our guilds! #funfacts

I can't attend but will there be a stream/video?:

Not officially yet, but there’s always amazing video created by the community that we am happy to share.

If you are interested in streaming the run, please let me know. However we ask that you remove personal donation links from your Twitch or other streaming services during the run, and put up a link to the Cleveland Clinic, so that other people do not think they are donating to a charity, when they are infact donating to you.

Where are you guys running?:

There's a copy of our map posted on our blogs!

Social Media:

Goood afternoon Gnome Friends!

Time to stock up on Raid.
=) Sounds great! Sharing!
Perfect, i've been waiting for the time that i can stock up on Gnomekebab ingredients.
I remember doing this last year and it was a blast can't wait to do it again.
heck yeah! i went to the last two, they were great fun, looking forward to this one
I always enjoy the event. I'm looking forward to it and I have already notified my guilds.
Will be there with bells on ....my little pink haired Gnome is ready to go.....
And remember men that play WoW you too can get Breast Cancer just like us Ladies.....so you need to be here and run too.
Hrm... I could level a new Crepe in 4-6 weeks without any particular issues.


And this:

09/16/2015 04:52 AMPosted by Berahalna
Perfect, i've been waiting for the time that i can stock up on Gnomekebab ingredients.
I just got a new pair of punting shoes.
Great idea! I'll be there. :D
Last year was so incredibly fun! It was phenomenal, and anyone who wants to complain about gnomes, just understand this isn't about being gnomes, it's about raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research.
Shared on both my Twitter and Facebook! Hopefully it helps get the word out! <3
09/15/2015 03:23 AMPosted by Tatayana
Every year once the run is done, we release the Gnomes take a trip across the ocean attempt to give a lick to whoever is sitting on the throne in Orgrimmar! It’s a bit of a challenge, and results in a few visits to the spirit healer, but it’s an exciting and silly challenge at the end

*ahem*... I may particaipate in the first part of the run, but... You would forgive me for ganking you guys once you got to orgrimmar?

I mean... It's just so perfect...
09/17/2015 05:54 PMPosted by Hellos
Last year was so incredibly fun! It was phenomenal, and anyone who wants to complain about gnomes, just understand this isn't about being gnomes, it's about raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

Amen ........its one of the most fun times you can have in WoW ever.....I myself just had to have 3 Breast Biopsy this week...and still hurting bad from them....I just hope they call come back negative.....I also had to have cyst done too. If your a male you can develop Breast cancer too.....if your not concerned for yourself guys do it for your Mom...your sisters...your Aunts...your Grandma....your girl friend...just do it.
Sigh... always the fun stuff happens when I'm at work... I got weekends off but everyone wants to do it all during the week.. BAH!
09/17/2015 06:23 PMPosted by Assunta
Sigh... always the fun stuff happens when I'm at work... I got weekends off but everyone wants to do it all during the week.. BAH!

Oct 24th is on a weekend its a Saturday....its in Oct not Sept.

Title says it all "6th Annual Running of the Gnomes!! Oct 24th!"

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