<Twilight Circus> [4/13M HFC] Recruiting

<Twilight Circus> http://www.twilightcircus.info
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/twilightcircusguild

About Us:
Twilight Circus is a Horde guild on the Garona server with a primary focus on 20-man mythic raiding. We invite you to learn about our unique guild rank and challenge system which allows us to focus on progression while fostering new talent. We are looking for strong talent to bolster our momentum going into Legion. If you have the right attitude and skill, there is a good opportunity for you to be involved with us on progression content.

Raiding Schedule:
Tue 9pm-12am (CST)
Thu 9pm-12am (CST)
Sun 9pm-12am (CST)

High Priority: Ranged DPS, Restoration Druid
Medium Priority: Melee DPS, Healers

To apply, or for more information about our guild, we encourage you to visit our website to find out if the Circus is the right place for you.

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