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New WRATH OF THE LICH KING raiding guild is starting!

Located on : Wyrmrest Accord US
Faction : Alliance
Date of Creation 2015-09-09

Do you miss raiding in Wrath of the Lich King ? Do you miss hanging out in Dalaran ? You want to experience the old content again and actually have a challenge ?

You are at the right place ! Because to create something as unique as what Wrath of the Lich King was in his time we have some rules!

The guild will begin his progression in the 10 man content with this following order :

Obsidian Sanctum
Eye of Eternity

1. Once you are level 80, NO HEIRLOOMS.

2. You can't have better gear than the content we are currently doing. That means if we're in Naxx 10, you can't already have ICC gear. We want to keep the challenge you know.

3. No PvP gear in RAIDS. Pretty obvious.

4. Only items from WotLK or OLDER are accepted. Items at level 80 from Cataclysm will be refused.

5. No MONKS. Sorry but it was not part of the expansion.

6. Cata Class/Race combination are accepted

As for the raid combinations, this is something I'll have to test. I think going 10 players in a 10 man raid is going to be too easy. Ill keep everyone updated on this one.


The guild JUST STARTED so don't hesitate to join! I've been looking for one and none of them are active!

Its time to get your TOONS to 80, get heroic dungeon gear and be prepared for NAXX 10!!!

For any infos add my BTAG :

Currently leveling now level 62! Come on people itll be a fun ride !
is this guild still a thing? and if so how many people are in the guild? and also can you accept the friend request i sent you so we can talk more about this.
a friend and i are down is this still a thing?
Yes, please post if this is still happening! I am very interested.
Is this guild still alive or no?

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