Archaeology monthly quest at Darkmoon Faire

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For some reason the quest "Fun for the Little Ones" ( isn't available to me even though my skill in Archaeology is at max level. I think the quest may be bugged. Can someone help me please?
This quest is bugged and has been unavailable as a repeatable quest since July, when the patch upgraded the Faire.

This quest can only be performed under two conditions; 1) Receiving the quest for the first time once your skill level gets above 80 points, or; 2) If the quest was in the cue but did not have enough fossils to complete it.

Once performed, this quest becomes an un-repeatable monthly quest. Figure that one out?!

That is across the board on all servers, and leads to a bit of confusion since some can perform the quest and others cannot given the condition as previously stated.

Nonetheless... it's broken.
As Sylvarnas mentioned, Imoen, the quest is currently not resetting properly so no longer offered monthly. I don't have an ETA on a fix but I believe they are working on it and hope to have it addressed in an upcoming patch.


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There are posts dating from as early as late 2014 cataloging this bug.

Correction: As early as 2012:

By Martika (11,569 – 6·23·114) on 2012/07/01 (Patch 4.3.4)
DMF for this month started and this quest is not being made available to me. Maxed arch, even have the fossil frags ready to turn in - but nothin'! Definitely didn't do it already, 'cuz as I said DMF for the month JUST began.
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That said? This is a development issues to addressed in Bugs, not a Customer Support issue.

Blues here are not QA nor Developers; nor are they liaisons to such.

It's already been stated they're aware of it and are working on it

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