<AfterLife> 7/8M,8hr,US200-LF HPal/Boom/Mage

Guild Recruitment
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^^ STILL need ranged BAD
Elisande Down. Still need ranged dps bad
^^ Ranged DPS plz...
^^ Ranged
Updated for the new tier and needs going forward on Argus prog

Need a Brewmaster (pref) and a Holy Paladin

Toss me a whisper - Tandris#1799
^^ Tank Healer
^^ Still looking for a tank and a healer
Just need a tank now, possibly a solid ranged dps
^^ Ranged
^^ Ranged
^^ still need ranged
^^ om nom nom ranged
^^ Ranged / Tank
^^ Still need both
^^ Also considering melee classes
^^ Need DPS / Tank
^^ Ranged
^^ Need Holy Paladin for progression healing

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