BOAs druid in cloth -still full XP boost?

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I'm healing on this druid for quick dungeon queues and already having a full set of 1 to 100 cloth intellect BOAs I said I'd give them a try because stat wise they still looked to be OP'd minus the extra armour and 5% leather wearer boost.

From my experience so far having ran Bloodmaul Slagmines twice this has proven to be the case and I have had no problems healing at all.

What I am wondering though is having not played this toon for a while I had full rested XP and after running two dungeons in BOAs I am still short of level 92 by about 150K.

Is this normal or am I not getting the full XP boost because I'm wearing cloth?
If you can wear it, you get the benefits. Hwll, I've leveled up a Hunter in shammie BOAS lol
You get the boost, the dungeons just don't offer that much EXP.
Dungeons are best for the quests only, or if you plan on grinding it out by queuing as a group. Otherwise, it'll take longer.

Your gear doesn't matter in terms of earning extra XP. All that matters is that you can equip the gear. You will lose 5% INT from not wearing appropriate gear though.
08/29/2015 01:35 PMPosted by Astilabor
The only downside to not wearing full Leather is 5% less int.

Nobody pays attention to this in Dungeons anyways, unless you're the tank, really got nothing to worry about.
Thanks for all the quick replies, much appreciated.

Having five other 100s I really didn't want to face questing again and upgrading my MOP BOAs would have cost me nearly 20,000g so I'll be happy enough to plough on.
They scaled back the XP earned in dungeons.
08/29/2015 01:47 PMPosted by Crocadoodle
They scaled back the XP earned in dungeons.


IMO that would be in keeping with the "grind mentality" of the developers this xpac, but a topic for another thread.

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