is there anyway to find wc3 rp games

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look i know this is not the wc3 forum but i've been looking for rp games all day and they never show up i see them on makemehost my options are maps large map users what's wrong with my battlenet? why all i do is see dota and crap.
no help i guess

Speaking of which, they need to have a forum where people can get together and play these old forgotten classic maps.
09/12/2015 03:39 PMPosted by Denrarn
ook i know this is not the wc3 forum

This should be the WC3 forum.
is there any way?
09/12/2015 04:09 PMPosted by Denrarn
is there any way?

You can try hosting your own RP maps, but you have to actually find people who are willing to play with you. RP map isn't very popular right now, you can try to look for people on WC3 forums or LAN groups or what ever.
how come you're the only one replying.
09/12/2015 04:29 PMPosted by Denrarn
how come you're the only one replying.

Because no one else plays WC3 besides me.
Dude dont go to those sites, go to thats where you will find what is currently hosted. Im Shooby on WC3West if you need anymore help, there is still a big RP scene up, go to this website (put on adblock there are a lot of ads on this webstie) to find games people hosted.

EDIT: These games are currently up on MMH

WoAR RP! (world of azeroth, not my cup of tea but to each their own)

Europe at WAR - RP! (Europe at War is from the period 1840-1920s its fairly fun, though if you are in a game with Combo12345 I suggest leaving right away)

Titan Land KoT RP +5 (once again not my cup of tea, its sorta like SOTdrp or ROTRP)

DaoW RP! (Dark Ages of Warcraft, a fairly fun one taking place post WC3)

Personally I prefer AoC RP, LTA RP, DaoW RP, or Azzy Wars RP, but those games above currently up are all decent
but i don't find them in battle net.
What server are you on? Those all work for me, make sure you are either on US East, US West, or Euro West
i'm on rp games for europe

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