Garrison not uncovered on map

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This topic probably has been mention, I just can't find it. But when I did a faction change to the Alliance. I discovered Shadowmoon Valley. I even got the achievement for it. But when I open my map, my Garrison still is covered. So now every time I open my map, it's a brown area around my Garrison. Pretty annoying. I tried the who delete cache, inference, wtf folders. I tried reloading UI. Anyone else has a suggest? Thanks.
Having the same Issue.
same issue
I am having the same issue.
Try having a low level character invite you, then click "View Leader's Garrison". I believe that still functions, and should take you to the phase where the garrison does not exist, allowing you to discover it.

I had this issue too and I believe this is how I fixed it, but it's been a while so I might not be remembering correctly.

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