After Pathfinder: Fun, Freedom, and Nachos

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This is a heartfelt thanks to Blizzard for reintroducing flying.

Several things have happened since I was able to take to the skies, and I wanted to share them with you in hopes you will consider them going forward:

- Fun: Renewed interest in my alts. I am now leveling the various level 90 alts I have that would otherwise have been stuck rotting in their garrisons.

- Freedom: I am free to explore at my leisure with a significant reduction in frustration. I can travel about the world, see places I haven't been, do things I would not have otherwise done; all without the annoyance of getting snagged on roots, aggroing mob after mob, or trying to find my way back to my body.

- Nachos: I can take flight and know that I am safe enough to take time to eat my nachos, without having to worry about getting cheese on everything.
Couldn't agree more. I have finished getting my treasures, especially some of those oddly angled ones in Nagrand.

Having flying has definitely put me back out into the world more.
09/07/2015 02:55 PMPosted by Sunshine
This is a heartfelt thanks to Blizzard for reintroducing flying.

I'm not inclined to thank them on the basis that they removed it in the first place.
Same. I am glad they put in flying, and actually made you have to work for it, instead of just having a fat wallet.

It reminds me of how WoW once was, You do the content, you get rewarded. How it should be.
Oh, wait, what? Weeeeeeeeeeeee........I did all the pathfinder stuff then LIFE, so I haven't logged on in almost a month. We.............we can fly now?

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